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Read All Reviews : Swimmer's solution for Dogs & Cats

Swimmer's solution
Description :

Swimmer’s Solution for Dogs

Swimmer’s Solution is a harmless acidifier that is highly helpful in the treatment of fungal infections in dog’s ears. Gentle on dog’s ears, the acidifier solution restricts the growth of fungi and other micro-organisms. The disinfectant controls ear infections and prevents damage of dog’s ears. It keeps the ear canal clean, dry and odor free. Swimmer’s Solution is ideal for dogs that swim a lot.

Swimmer’s Solution – Ear Solution for Dogs

Swimmer’s Solution is made of harmless acidifier, which disinfects ear canal of dogs. The active ingredient of the solution prevents the overgrowth of fungal organisms by changing the pH level in dog’s ear. The specially formulate ear solution also dries and disinfects the ear canal, rendering it hostile to growth of micro-organisms. The solution is safe for all breeds of dogs.

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Top Reviews

Really helps to solve dog’s ear problems

My small puppy had problems with fungal infections in ears. I clean ears once a day with it. No more ear infections in 7 months. Really helps me completely solve his ear problem.

Great stuff for Dogs

My dog always had trouble with his ears. Vet recommended this exact stuff. It works effectively. This is really great for the dog.