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Read All Reviews : Trifexis Chewable Tablets for Dogs

Trifexis Chewable Tablets
Description :

To control those blood-sucking fleas on dogs, Trifexis is the latest addition in flea treatment range. This beef-flavored tablet works as three-in-one parasitic treatment controlling fleas, heartworm and intestinal worms. The unique formula destroys biting fleas and protects dogs from flea infestation. Preventing heartworms, it protects pets from dreadful heartworm infestation. Treating adult hookworms, roundworms and whipworms, it prevents gastrointestinal infections in dogs. Trifexis is safe for puppies 8 weeks of age or older and 5 pounds of bodyweight or greater.

 Trifexis does not treat ticks. For preventing ticks, try preventive tick collar.

Trifexis is a fast-action treatment for killing fleas on dogs. The advanced formula controls fleas by destroying adult fleas within 30 minutes of administration. The key ingredient Spinosad in Trifexis starts killing fleas instantly and within four hours, over 100% fleas are destroyed. The oral treatment breaks flea life cycle by removing flea eggs before they can mature.

This once-a-month chew prevents heartworm disease in dogs by killing microfilariae and larvae from maturing into adult heartworm. Trifexis also aids in treating intestinal worms such as hookworm, roundworm and whipworm.

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Top Reviews

great meds

my min pin has been on trifexis almost all of her life, at first I tried different things , to no avail, fleas were all over my house , I was about to give up my beloved puppy dog, then my vet told me about this product, in Florida the sand fleas, are all over the place, land where I live its worse than anywhere else. after a week there were no fleas on my dog or in my house , I have been using trifexis since. before that I sprayed my lawn, my lanai, bombed the house, put any recommended stuff in my carpet and treat it the puppy, but I was still infested;I spent a fortune on products, then trifexis came and my life changed.

Works Best

Organic always works good but it always takes time so during heavy flea infestation, I always rely on Trifexis. Best for my pooches.