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Annette Fournier
great meds

my min pin has been on trifexis almost all of her life, at first I tried different things , to no avail, fleas were all over my house , I was about to give up my beloved puppy dog, then my vet told me about this product, in Florida the sand fleas, are all over the place, land where I live its worse than anywhere else. after a week there were no fleas on my dog or in my house , I have been using trifexis since. before that I sprayed my lawn, my lanai, bombed the house, put any recommended stuff in my carpet and treat it the puppy, but I was still infested;I spent a fortune on products, then trifexis came and my life changed.

Zoe Carter
Works Best

Organic always works good but it always takes time so during heavy flea infestation, I always rely on Trifexis. Best for my pooches.