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Write a review : Value Plus Organic Iron/Min for Supplements

Value Plus Organic Iron/Min
Description :

Iron and vital minerals play a significant role in the proper growth and development of pets. Lack of these nutrients causes deficiency diseases, which hamper the overall health of your dogs. Value Plus Organic Iron and Trace Min is a powerful iron and trace mineral supplement. It supplies all the essential minerals crucial for the well-being of dogs and greyhounds. A perfect mixture of copper, iron and cobalt including zinc, it significantly helps in rapid body growth of dogs making them stronger.

Value Plus Organic Iron and Trace Min

Value Plus Organic Iron and Trace Mineral Tablets is the best iron and minerals supplement for canines. It is a good source of iron and minerals for dogs to overcome deficiencies in regular diets and special feeds. This scientifically formulated product helps in producing essential blood cells that significantly increases dog’s strength. It supplements the major deficient nutrients in dogs and greyhounds of all ages and sizes. Organic Iron and Trace Min considerably boosts stamina in racing greyhounds. 

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