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Read All Reviews : Wound Gard for Cats

Wound Gard
Description :

Cats are outdoor animals and usually mischievous. Due to this, more often they get cuts or wounds on their body parts. Ignoring primary care of the wound may lead to secondary infections, which affect their overall health. Treating such wounds at primary level is the better option. Wound-Gard is a widely used topical solution for treating cuts, wounds, lesions and other types of skin irritations in cats.

Wound-Gard for Cats

A powerful antibacterial solution, Wound-Gard comes in a spray form. Its bitter taste prevents cats from licking or self-mutilating, which can deteriorate the condition. The excellent formulation of Wound-Gard heals the wound faster preventing further infections. While the antiseptic property heals your feline’s wound, the bitterant part discourages them from licking or damaging the wound enabling faster healing process. 

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Top Reviews

Best Healer

This product has cured my kitty's wound to a great extent. I am really satisfied and content with this product.

A highly cost-effective and genuine prod

My veterinarian recommended this product for my kitty because she was suffering from a wound. To my delight the prices at Best Vet Care were so cheap that I decided to forego purchasing it from my veterinarian and got it from the online store.