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Advantage for Cats

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Advantage for cats is a fast action, monthly spot-on flea treatment for cats and kittens 8 weeks or older. It kills 98-100% adult fleas within 12 hours of application. Moreover, it protects the cat by killing and controlling flea infestation.

Advantage - How it works?

Advantage for cats is a highly effective flea treatment that kills and controls fleas for a month. Having Imidacloprid insecticide as its main ingredient, Advantage starts killing fleas within an hour of initial application. It saves the cats from painful flea bites by stopping flea biting within 3-5 minutes.

The effect of applying Advantage on cats lasts an entire month and prevents diseases like Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) in cats. A waterproof treatment, this remains effective even after bathing or swimming. 

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The best as always

Product has always worked great used on all of our pets for over 5 years

Yasmine Dec 05, 2019

Works best

Thankfully I no more have to administer those pesky tablets to my cat as this topical solution is so easy to apply and does its work the best.

quinta Nov 27, 2019

Controls Flea Allergy Dermatitis

My kitty possesses very sensitive skin. So, she directly gets affected even if a flea lands on her. It is Advantage which also controls Flea Allergy Dermatitis so that my pet no more has to suffer.

Kimberly Nov 18, 2019

Waterproof treatment

This is proven to be a waterproof treatment. I just used it on my pet before a week and after its application, he went swimming and was still protected from parasites.

Cameron Nov 07, 2019


I could easily find the product on BestVetCare as it is not clumsy as compared to other Canadian sites.

Roby Oct 23, 2019

Keeps my kitty safe and fleas unsafe

The other flea treatment which I earlier used on my kitty was suffering for her. Though products killed fleas it gave such bad side effects to her. But this product is best as it does the work well and my kitty has never shown up any side effects after using this

Neil Sep 26, 2019

Bye Bye Fleas

Having multiple cats who all hate the dreaded ‘spray sound’, this one is fairly quiet which makes the job easier

Henry Sep 16, 2019

Advantageous Advantage

Advantage for cats provides great advantage of keeping fleas and ticks away from my kitty.

Daniel Sep 06, 2019

Water Resilient Treatment

I do not have to worry about my pet going to swim after applying this product as it is water resilient and protects my pooch from fleas and ticks.

Daniel Aug 28, 2019

Amazing product

Advantage has proved to be the best flea protection for my kitty and it also protects her from flea for an entire month.

Mila Jul 29, 2019

Best as always

I have been using it for over a year and there appears to be no sign of the product getting weaker or any kind of immunity to it from long term use.

Elizabeth Jul 16, 2019

Worked Well

This product worked quickly on my cat and there were no side effects

Samantha Jun 30, 2019

Flea free cat

I am so happy to see my cat relaxed and flea free after using this product.

Presley May 27, 2019


It is easy to administer and within an hour or two I can see fleas and ticks falling off.

Rookie May 08, 2019

Effective flea treatment

This extremely effective flea product helped me eliminate all existing fleas in my buddy.

Vilma Apr 14, 2019

Kills ticks very quickly

This product manages to kill ticks within hours of its administration. Also, it helps in preventing them from reoccurring and that too for months.

Martha Feb 19, 2019

Awesome product!

A simply awesome product for my buddy. I would definitely recommend this.

Rowan Feb 11, 2019

Cats fleas treatment

Amazingly great, the formulation kills the fleas very effectively. I already have set up auto-order on this product

DIANA Feb 05, 2019

Best results!

I have tried many different versions of flea medications, and this is the best one I have ever come across. In Florida, we have some really vicious fleas that seem to be immune to some of the other products that available in the market. This is the only product that works for my cat and stops the flea cycle. Highly recommended!

Jake Mar 28, 2018

try it once to get the best result

I am someone who always uses the natural product first to protect my cat's skin. one day a friend asked me to try this product once. The result of this product is tremendous. my cat has shown a great response to this product.

Gavin Jan 22, 2018


I used advantage after using another product that didnt do a thing....fleas were dead within hours and I have happy kitties Thankyou!!

Finasterd Mar 01, 2017

Nothing works like advantage

Nothing works like Advantage. Never stop using this treatment on Rucy as she is more prone to fleas. No side reactions and fits my budget.

Viggo Feb 14, 2017

No fleas for a month

Though sometimes I forget to use advantage on my two kitties, I am happy that the medicine works good as there will be no fleas as I continue to use it every month. Thanks bestvetcare for regular orders due to auto order.

Hugo Jan 22, 2017

No fleas

Happy to buy this product for my 3 cats as they are free from fleas now. Was worried due to heavy flea infestation but now no more fleas. And, at Best vet care, I get it at low prices.

Kate Dec 24, 2016

Best Best Best Product

Awesome product for my doggy, it eliminated all the fleas within hours. Thanks, Best Vet Care for the discount and for great customer services.

Melanie Nov 22, 2016

Recommendable Product

I tried few products 2 months ago, that did absolutely nothing. Now, I am satisfied and happy that I have got this treatment, as it worked perfectly on my kitty.

Hazel Nov 02, 2016

Brilliant product

I came across this product after using many other brands which did not do a thing. After the first application of Advantage mostly all fleas were dead within two hours and now I have a happy kitty.

Mathew Sep 30, 2016

Worked like a miracle

I was so fed up of fleas on my kitty. It was really hard to get rid of them also after trying so many products. My Friend recommended Advantage which worked on her like a miracle, it killed all fleas within 48 hours. I am stress-free and content with this product for my kitty.

Sean Sep 01, 2016

Best Product!!

This product has always worked on my cat. My kitty always like this topical treatment as she is very fussy about the tablets. It works perfectly on her without any side effects. I would like to recommend this product to the cat owner.

Victor Jun 23, 2016

Multi advantage of this

Best product I got. If you have never used try once. It works on all parasites and helps to control infestation.

Heckal Mar 25, 2016