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PAW by blackmores
Rate: 4/5
PAW by blackmores

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PAW by blackmores

Rate: 4/5

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PAW 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo for Dogs

PAW 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo is the best shampoo for keeping your dog's skin and coat clean and lustrous. The sulfate-free conditioner shampoo nourishes the skin while not stripping it of its natural oils, allowing it to retain its lustre and suppleness. The dog shampoo is gentle on skin and softens the coat while preserving pH balance. It keeps their coat clean, fresh, health and shiny.

How it works?

The active ingredients remove dirt, dust, and grime from the coat. Natural essential oils nourish the skin while also offering a good fragrance. Apart from moisturising the coat, PawDerm technology cleans and maintains the health of the skin and coat.


Purified water, surfactants. thickener, glycerin (vegetable), preservatives, salt (dairy), panthenol, sodium hydroxide, jojoba oil, tetrasodium EDTA, tocopherol, lavender oil.

Advantages Of PAW by blackmores
  • Maintains skin and coat health
  • Keeps skin and coat clean and shiny
  • Easy to squeeze, recyclable tube
  • 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner gets the job done quickly
Instructions To Use PAW by blackmores
  • Simply wet dog, apply the product, lather and then rinse
PAW by blackmores Safety Measures
  • Store it in a cool and dry place
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Avoid contact with the eyes and wetting inside the ears
  • For animal use only
Customer Reviews
Great product

The conditioner has improved our pet's coat condition.

Did well

I have recommended it to one of my neighbors, after using it.