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Bravecto Plus for Large Cats 500 mg (13.75 to 27.5 lbs) Purple
Rate: 4.6/5
Bravecto Plus for Large Cats 500 mg (13.75 to 27.5 lbs) Purple

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Bravecto Plus for Large Cats 500 mg (13.75 to 27.5 lbs) Purple

Rate: 4.6/5

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Bravecto Plus for Large Cats 13.75 to 27.5 lbs (Purple Pack)

Bravecto Plus Purple for Large Cats is the ultimate solution for comprehensive parasite protection. Specifically designed for cats weighing 13.75 to 27.5 lbs, this innovative topical treatment offers long-lasting defense against fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal parasites. With just one application, Bravecto Plus effectively kills fleas and ticks and prevents heartworm disease for up to 2 months. Additionally, it treats and controls intestinal parasites such as roundworms and hookworms, ensuring your feline friend stays healthy and happy. Bravecto Plus Purple provides peace of mind and lasting protection against a wide range of common parasites for cats 6 months of age and older.

Bravecto Plus Flea, Tick, and Worm Treatment + Heartworm Protection

Bravecto Plus Purple for Large Cats works by utilizing two powerful active ingredients: 500mg fluralaner and 25mg moxidectin. Upon application, these ingredients swiftly penetrate your cat's skin and enter their bloodstream, effectively targeting and eliminating fleas and ticks upon contact. Additionally, moxidectin prevents heartworm disease by disrupting the development of heartworm larvae. Furthermore, Bravecto Plus Purple effectively controls intestinal parasites like roundworms and hookworms, ensuring comprehensive protection for your small cat.


Fluralaner and Moxidectin

Advantages Of Bravecto Plus
  • Extended protection against fleas and ticks for up to 2 months
  • Prevention of heartworm disease
  • Control of tick infestations, including black-legged ticks, American dog ticks, and Asian longhorned ticks
  • Treatment and control of intestinal parasites like roundworms and hookworms
  • Convenient topical application for easy administration
  • Suitable for cats and kittens from 6 months of age and weighing 2.6 pounds or more
Instructions To Use Bravecto Plus
  • Weigh your cat and choose appropriate pack size.
  • Ensure your cat is dry and its fur is parted to expose the skin before application.
  • Remove the Bravecto Plus tube from its packaging.
  • Hold the tube upright and twist the cap to break the seal.
  • Part the fur at the base of the cat's head and apply the entire contents of the tube directly onto the skin.
  • Squeeze the tube firmly to empty its contents onto a single spot on the skin.
  • Avoid applying the solution onto fur, as it may reduce efficacy.
  • Repeat application every 2 months for continuous protection against fleas, ticks, heartworm, and intestinal parasites.
Body Weight Ranges (lbs) Pack Color Fluralaner content (mg/tube) Moxidectin content (mg/tube) Tubes Administered
2.6 – 6.2 Green 112.5 mg 5.6 mg One
6.2 – 13.8 Blue 250 mg 12.5 mg One
13.8 – 27.5 Purple 500 mg 25 mg One
Bravecto Plus Safety Measures
  • Read the product label carefully before use.
  • For cats use only.
  • Do not let the solution come in contact with the cat’s eyes.
  • Do not allow treated cats to groom each other until the application site is dry.
  • Do not use on cats younger than 6 months of age and under 2.6 lbs of bodyweight.
  • Safe use in pregnant, breeding, and lactating cats has not been established.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after application.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.


  • For animal use only.
  • Not to be used on kittens that are 9 weeks or lesser.
  • It has not yet been established as a safe treatment on pregnant, breeding and lactating cats.
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A good brand that gives good results.

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I was using Bravecto previously, but this newer version is better than the previous one.


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