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Works Perfectly well

These tablets literally saved my two cats from a nightmare they were living. I had tried everything before using this treatment (spraying the house, flea collars, and flea baths) but nothing worked. But with just one or two pills a week I haven't seen a single flea in months. If your pets have fleas, get them this pill now.

One of the fastest flea preventive treat

I have never come across such an awesome flea preventive treatment ever. It works very quickly and so I always buy this treatment to give my kitty relief from pesky parasites.

A very swift working tablet!!!

My kitties scratch a lot during the warm weather. For long term flea prevention I use Revolution while for immediate relief Capstar is my go to treatment. Within hours of administration, my cats stop scratching. It is a real winner for my felines!!!

Highly effective

This is the best product that I have ever tried. After giving this treatment, within a day my cat was free from fleas. It just worked quite swiftly on my furry pal without any problem. I would recommend this product if your cat is suffering from heavy flea infestation.

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