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Capstar for Cats

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Capstar is a fast acting, instant flea removal treatment for cats. It provides effective flea control by killing adult fleas within 30 minutes of administering the tablets. Orally administered the tablets force the fleas to perish within half an hour and kills 100% fleas within seven hours. Easy to administer, the tablets are odorless and provide protection against fleas without causing any irritation.

Capstar - How it works?

Capstar for cats are orally administered tablets for short-term flea treatment. The tablets contain nitenpyram, which is neurotoxin that blocks the flow of neural messages in fleas thus resulting in the death of the parasites. By attacking the central nervous system, it instantly kills the parasites. Thus, by killing fleas immediately, it prevents them from laying eggs and stops multiplication of these parasites.

Cats start scratching more in the first few hours as fleas react to nitenpyram. Within a few hours, it kills fleas putting an end to itching and irritation. Since it is a short-term treatment, do follow up with long-term treatment for long-lasting effect. 

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Fasting acting treatment

Whenever my kitty gets infested with fleas, I administer Capstar. The rapid fast formula gets rid of all the fleas on my cat. It's a great product for instantly killing fleas and ticks.

Allen Aug 01, 2019

Works Perfectly well

These tablets literally saved my two cats from a nightmare they were living. I had tried everything before using this treatment (spraying the house, flea collars, and flea baths) but nothing worked. But with just one or two pills a week I haven't seen a single flea in months. If your pets have fleas, get them this pill now.

Omar Apr 02, 2018

One of the fastest flea preventive treat

I have never come across such an awesome flea preventive treatment ever. It works very quickly and so I always buy this treatment to give my kitty relief from pesky parasites.

Linda Jan 10, 2017

A very swift working tablet!!!

My kitties scratch a lot during the warm weather. For long term flea prevention I use Revolution while for immediate relief Capstar is my go to treatment. Within hours of administration, my cats stop scratching. It is a real winner for my felines!!!

Shawn Dec 16, 2016

Highly effective

This is the best product that I have ever tried. After giving this treatment, within a day my cat was free from fleas. It just worked quite swiftly on my furry pal without any problem. I would recommend this product if your cat is suffering from heavy flea infestation.

John Jul 04, 2016

Amazing Results!!

My cat was suffering from fleas and I was really worried about her. I took her to the vet, he recommended giving this product. I was amazed that the fleas started falling off her coat within 30minutes in just a single dose. Now my cat is free from bad flea infestation. I will continue to use this product on my kitty.

Dale Jun 23, 2016


Capstar works faster and removes all fleas quickly. I always use it for my two days as it is easy to dose and works instantly.

Daniel Mar 25, 2016

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