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Best for Itchy Dogs!

I have a German shepherd. As I gave him the tablet I saw the fleas going crazy and falling off from his fur nearly dead. I have never had any issues with this product and will continue to give this to my dog.


I tried so many products to rid my big boy and his two little sisters of their fleas at the same time. Until I tried Capstar! One tablet each and pow the next day not a flea in sight. Wonderful!!! Relief for kitties and Mum.

Lovely Med for Pet

Works within twenty minutes. Kills all the fleas dead (though not egg stage so you have to readminister later) and they end up wriggling lethargically on my pets' coats. For GSD short-hair and a small kitty. No side effects to them, but every pet is different so keep an eye out for that. It only gets four stars because it's ridiculously expensive.

The best flea preventive product!!!

I got this product after reading an extensive review on internet. It worked really quick and all the fleas were gone. The other great thing is that my furry pal has not developed immunity to this treatment which makes it highly effective. A must-have flea preventive treatment for dogs!!!

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