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Capstar for Dogs Reviews

4.8/5 (28 Reviews)

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Capstar for dogs are orally administered tablets for fast acting treatment against flea infestations. It starts the action within 30 minutes of administration and kills 100% fleas within 7 hours. A single dose of Capstar protects canines from irritating adult fleas and flea infested diseases. It is highly safe and does not cause any odor or irritation. During the first few hours of administration, the pet might itch excessively due to flea’s reaction to Capstar. Such symptoms disappear within a few hours and absolute recovery takes place within 24 hours of administration. As it is a short-term treatment for rapid flea killing, follow up with any long-term flea treatment to prevent re-infestations of any kind.

Capstar - How it works?

These yellow colored, round, and biconvex tablets make your dog flea-free within hours. The key ingredient Nitenpyram is a neurotoxin that blocks the transmission of neural messages through the parasite’s central nervous system, which results in the instant death of parasites. A short-term flea preventive, Capstar provides immediate relief.

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Lovely Med for Pet

Works within twenty minutes. Kills all the fleas dead (though not egg stage so you have to readminister later) and they end up wriggling lethargically on my pets' coats. For GSD short-hair and a small kitty. No side effects to them, but every pet is different so keep an eye out for that. It only gets four stars because it's ridiculously expensive.

Stark Mar 05, 2017

The best flea preventive product!!!

I got this product after reading an extensive review on internet. It worked really quick and all the fleas were gone. The other great thing is that my furry pal has not developed immunity to this treatment which makes it highly effective. A must-have flea preventive treatment for dogs!!!

Julie Dec 28, 2016

Got quick results!!!

I got this amazing tablet last week and the results were very quick. I was struggling to keep fleas away from my furry pals since last few months. But finally, after getting this oral treatment I am quite happy to have at last made the right choice. I have literary seen fleas falling off my dog's body. But it was quite reassuring to see that finally there is a product that works so swiftly.

Delbert Nov 25, 2016

Thumbs up on Capstar

This product is awesome. The fleas on my dog were killed immediately. I am content with this product and will be using it as a long term flea preventative.

Reginald Oct 06, 2016

Fast Acting Treatment

This chewable is awesome, I have never seen any product working so fast. This is the best product and I would suggest the dog owners to use Capstar, if your pooch is highly infested with fleas.

Ramona Aug 17, 2016