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Read All Reviews : Emtryl Soluble Powder for Bird Supplies

Emtryl Soluble Powder
Description :

An effective solution for crop canker from the house of MedPet – Emtryl soluble powder is high-end product used by most pigeon fanciers. This water-soluble powder treats and controls Trichomoniasis (crop canker) in pigeons. Suitable for all breeds of birds, this oral treatment is safe for canker treatment but it is strictly not recommended for pigeons feeding their young ones.


Emtryl soluble powder is an effective oral preventive treatment of crop canker in racing pigeons and cage birds. This water-soluble powder is loaded with multiple supplements, which helps to cure disease faster and prevents further infection in birds. This oral treatment is easy to administer with no possible side effects in all racing pigeons and cage birds. Apart from being highly beneficial to racing pigeons, it is also cost-effective.

Average Rating
Based on 4 ratings

Top Reviews

A great product for birds!!!

Highly effective in treating crop cankers in birds. It is very easy to administer and highly cost-effective. Thank you!!!

Treats crop cankers effectively!!!

My pet pigeon was suffering from crop cankers and my veterinarian suggested this product. I am pleased that my furry pal is free from this disease. Thank you!!!

A highly loved oral treatment

My bird loves the taste of this product and ingests it as a form of gift. It really works wonder and I am genuinely grateful to Best Vet Care for selling this amazing product.