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Essential 6 for Cats Reviews

Rating 4/5 based on 22 Reviews

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Essential 6 for Cats is a scientifically proven product that helps in revitalizing cat’s skin and coat. A unique formulation of essential oils and fatty acids, this topical solution improves coat shine along with reducing non-seasonal hair loss. Made with 100% plant-sourced ingredients, it helps reduce hair shedding and controls odor in cats.

Essential 6 - How it works?

Essential 6 for Cats is a revolutionary skin care solution for all types of cats. A perfect blend of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, this spot-on rejuvenates the skin and coat of cats. Antioxidants present in this topical solution successfully combat free radicals and enhance skin and coat shine. With the help of extra nutrients, this skin care product effectively nourishes the feline’s skin. 

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Works our on her skin

The essential oils provides our cat's skin the nourishment she needs.

Ali Sep 02, 2021

Very Much Effective

The product works well and improved our cat's skin.

Hilary Aug 09, 2021

Have been using for a while

The overall health of our dog's skin has improved a lot ever since I have started using this on him.

Maria Jul 12, 2021

Keeping cat's healthy

Bets product to take care of my cat's health - especially skin and coat

Camille May 07, 2021

Best purchase I've made so far

If you really want to understand how Essential 6 helps to give your cat healthy skin and coat, use it for a particular duration and see for yourself

Leah Mar 22, 2021