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Essential 6 for Cats

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Essential 6 for Cats

Pack Size
4 Pipette

Essential 6 for Cats is a scientifically proven product that helps in revitalizing cat’s skin and coat. A unique formulation of essential oils and fatty acids, this topical solution improves coat shine along with reducing non-seasonal hair loss. Made with 100% plant-sourced ingredients, it helps reduce hair shedding and controls odor in cats.

Essential 6 - How it works?

Essential 6 for Cats is a revolutionary skin care solution for all types of cats. A perfect blend of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, this spot-on rejuvenates the skin and coat of cats. Antioxidants present in this topical solution successfully combat free radicals and enhance skin and coat shine. With the help of extra nutrients, this skin care product effectively nourishes the feline’s skin. 

Direction for use
  • Carefully part the fur behind the neck and between the shoulder blades of the cat.
  • Empty the entire content of a pipette on this spot.

Initial dose:

Use 1 pipette on a weekly basis for 8 continuous weeks.

Maintenance dose:

  • Following the initial treatment, continue with 1 pipette every two weeks.
  • For any further guidance on skin care routine of your pet, consult your vet. 
Key Benefits
  • Essential 6 is a perfect topical approach for effective skin care of cats
  • It helps replenish the Hydrolipidic film and enhances skin elasticity
  • It efficiently reduces scales and dandruff
  • Completely hydrates and moisturizes the skin of cats
  • It prevents drying, scaling and dullness of cat’s skin and coat
  • Avoid applying Essential 6 two days before and after bathing and washing your cat.
  • Avoid using Essential 6 spot-on on kittens under 3 months of age.
Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids, Hemp & Neem oils, Vitamin E and essential oils 
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