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Frontline Plus for Cats

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Frontline Plus is a fast acting, monthly spot-on flea and tick treatment for cats and kittens 8 weeks or older. Its fast action kills 100% adult fleas within 12 hours of application. It kills the life stages of fleas and thus prevents parasitic re-infestations. Frontline Plus also kills ticks and chewing lice within 24 hours. Being a waterproof treatment, it remains effective even after the pet is bathed or goes for swimming or gets drenched in rain.

Frontline Plus - How it works?

Frontline Plus for cats protects felines from fleas transferred by other pets or surroundings. The monthly topical treatment with fipronil and S-methoprene as the active ingredients kills the flea eggs, larvae, pupa, ticks and thus prevents re-infestations. It is a highly effective flea and tick treatment suitable to all breeds of cats.

An Over the Counter product, Frontline Plus for cats easily spreads on the skin and coat of felines and kills biting lice and other parasites found on the pet’s body. It saves cats from flea and protects them from parasitic infestation.

Kindly Note:Merial is now acquired by Boehringer Ingelheim. So, the manufacturer’s name on product packs may vary according to the available stock.

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I am not happy with the results of this treatment.

Sandra Jan 09, 2020

Budget friendly

I have been using Frontline for decades and it's so budget friendly to shop from here.

Sebastain Dec 23, 2019

Safe for our cats

Very happy with this product. It has always worked well on our cats

Dia Dec 05, 2019

Always the best

Have been using this on my cat for years and never felt any need to switch the product with any other product.

Chamelia Nov 27, 2019

Frontline plus

using it since too long, never seen any issue with this product.

Hoyle Nov 14, 2019

Easy shopping

Got Frontline Plus from this online store where they made the shopping task easier with $CAD.

Brienne Oct 23, 2019

Finally got this product

I never knew this site also provided their services in Canada. But I am glad it does as I got the product which I was looking for my pet.

Megan Oct 16, 2019

Convenient Payment Option

Unlike other sites, thankfully I do not have to pay in US dollars anymore as they have this highly convenient feature of the Canadian dollar.

Chandler Oct 16, 2019

Fights fleas and ticks

I switched to Frontline Plus after trying many products because it helps to prevent two pests that I worry most about.

Bridgett Oct 10, 2019

Such a bliss

This product also protected my cat from biting lice.

Gracie Sep 13, 2019

Waterproof Treatment

This product protects my kitty from fleas and ticks even if she gets wet.

Joshua Sep 03, 2019

Kills maximum fleas

Thankfully this product does not take ages to work on my cat as it is a fast acting treatment that actually kills maximum fleas in 24 hours

Savannah Aug 26, 2019

Most trusted

I have been using Frontline Plus on my cat for years now so this is the only treatment I trust for protecting her from fleas and ticks.

Emanuel Aug 02, 2019

Water Resilient Treatment

I no more have to worry about my pet coming in contact water after applying this product and that its water resilient nature.

Quinn Jul 24, 2019

Easy To Use Pipette

We use Frontline Plus because it does work, and it works well, we really do not mind that we have to use it a little while before we are supposed to, because it does the job well.

Mia Jul 15, 2019

Great protection

Easy and quick to use and gives great protection to my cat against fleas and ticks.

Zuri Jun 25, 2019

Amazing product

My cat had turned into a fleabag. a single dose of this topical Frontline Plus, her flees disappeared. I firmly recommend this product to other pet parents.

Kimberly Jun 11, 2019

Water Resilient product

My cats love to be in water or do any water activities where there are chances that she may get infested by fleas. But, this topical treatment is waterproof and keeps my kitty protected even after she is a vet.

Richard May 21, 2019

Love It

This monthly spot- on treatment is amazing and is affordable as well.

Betty May 08, 2019


I have started administering Frontline Plus on my kitty, Siera now. Its doing great currently and hopefully it will be consistent. I liked it.

Maddona May 03, 2019

Highly effective solution

A good flea remover solution that aided my buddy well. Recommended.

Lamorne Apr 12, 2019

Proper parasite eliminator

A proper formula that helps in effectively destroying fleas and ticks. Love it!

Stuart Feb 19, 2019

Very effective on my cat

Frontline Plus worked really well in eradicating fleas from my kitty. I will recommend this product.

Alysson Feb 11, 2019

Flea killer

Just amazing, the way it treats fleas and ticks. Within 3 days all the fleas and ticks were gone.

Jabby Feb 05, 2019

Genuine Product!

This is the only product I’ve used for my kitty for 3 years now. Works great and has no side effects. Thank you, Frontline Plus!

Chloe Mar 09, 2018

Successful Med for my Pet Roo

I have found it hard and exasperating going through all flea controls without success until I started Frontline. Thank goodness my dog is now comfortable and not in that scratch/break skin/ bleed/heal cycle. All a distant memory.

Leo Mar 05, 2017

Great flea preventive treatment!!!

This product worked quite well on my furry companion. The fleas were dead very quickly as soon as the treatment was administered without any apparent side effects to my pet. Thank you so much!!!

Merry Jan 12, 2017

An excellent flea and tick preventive!!!

This product works amazingly well on my kitty and kills fleas, ticks, eggs and larvae. The great thing about the product is that it does not cause any irritation on my cat and she had no reaction after application of the treatment. A great product to have for your kitty!!!

John Dec 20, 2016

Cost-effective product for kitty

You should try this brand, it has never disappointed me. It killed all fleas and ticks on my cat. This is a perfect product to protect my kitty from parasitic infestation.

Glenna Oct 03, 2016

Fast and effective product

This is an awesome product which works well, as it says it eliminates the fleas and ticks from the cat. I appreciate that this product is up to mark not like any other product which promises for many things but they actually don't. I would ask cat owners to try this product.

Percy Sep 02, 2016

Amazingly perfect

I have been using this Frontline plus on my kitty since last year. This works amazingly perfect without any side effects. I am content and satisfied with the results that my cat is absolutely free from the fleas and healthy.

Sharon Jul 04, 2016

Just Perfect!!!

This is the perfect product which suits my kitty at best. My cat was wretched with fleas all over her body. My friend suggested me to use this product and it worked well. All fleas were killed within 24 hours. There were no side effects. I am contented with this product for my furry pal.

Xavier Jun 24, 2016

Highly suggest

I highly suggest this product for its long lasting formula which kills all fleas within 24 hours. I have been using this product for one year on my cat and she has no fleas on her. It works perfectly on her without reacting.

Fiona Jun 23, 2016

This is perfect!!!

will not recommend any other product than Frontline plus. This brand prodct stands to control fleas and tick effectively.

TREVOR Mar 25, 2016