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Frontline Plus for Dogs

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Frontline Plus for dogs is a monthly spot-on flea and tick treatment for puppies and dogs over 8 weeks and older. Suitable for all breeds of dogs, it is highly effective in killing fleas and ticks and protects the dog from flea and tick-borne diseases. It kills adult fleas and destroys the flea life cycle thus, preventing re-infestations. Being a waterproof treatment, its effectiveness is intact even after bathing or swimming the pet; hence making it a long-lasting and effective treatment. Moreover, it provides quick and continuous protection from parasites for 4 weeks.

Frontline Plus - How it works?

Frontline Plus for dogs is a Merial product and consists of Fipronil and S-methoprene. The powerful ingredients kill fleas within 12 hours and ticks within 48 hours of application. It kills fleas by paralyzing them and damaging their central nervous system. It spreads across the pet’s skin and coat through the pet’s body movement.

Kindly Note: Merial is now acquired by Boehringer Ingelheim. So, the manufacturer’s name on product packs may vary according to the available stock.

Frontline Spray

Frontline Spray is a swift-acting and long-lasting spray for dogs that aids in treating and preventing fleas, lice, and ticks. This spray is effective against fleas for a maximum of 4 weeks and against ticks for a maximum of 3 weeks. This treatment is recommended for puppies and dogs of at least 2 days of age. It is also safe for pregnant, lactating, and breeding dogs. It is very easy to administer on dogs and is ideal for severe prevailing flea and tick infestations. It aims at reducing and controlling fleas and ticks in multi-pet households. This spray is ideal for the initial treatment of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD). More Info on Frontline Spray.


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Effective but slow

Works but takes time.

Pamela Jan 09, 2020

trustworthy brand

I actually like this flea and tick treatment. A trusted brand it is.

Amelia Dec 23, 2019

Works good

I have been using Frontline over the years on the various dogs we have had and it has always done a good job

Synthya Dec 05, 2019

Good but it smells

the topical treatment is very effective to keep fleas at bay but I hate the smell.

Clinton Nov 27, 2019

Powerful product

The product is so powerful that it kills all the fleas within few hours. Good to get such product through this online store that I never came across among other Canadian sites.

Alan Oct 22, 2019

Prompt Delivery and Free Shipping

I never knew there was some site like this that offers free shipping even in Canada. Ordered this product and received as per the mentioned time.

Kim Oct 16, 2019

Trusted Product

Not only removes fleas and ticks but also protects my pup from re infestation.

Cara Oct 10, 2019

Tick Free Fido

It is a highly effective treatment that kills ticks and keeps my dog tick free.

Finley Sep 13, 2019

Affordable product

So glad to get this flea and tick treatment at this affordable rate from BestVetCare. Thanks!

Liam Sep 03, 2019

Waterproof Treatment

I no more have to worry about my dog directly going to swim after applying this treatment as it is a waterproof treatment

Diandra Aug 26, 2019

An Ideal Solution for Fleas

This product is an ideal solution for fleas in my dogs which I have ever come across so far.

Adeline Jul 24, 2019

Amazing Stuff

It really worked. As long as I keep my dog treated with Frontline Plus, the fleas stay away.

Binaca Jul 08, 2019

Worth the trust

Frontline Plus is one of the only Flea and Tick Products that I trust to put on my dogs.

Paislee Jun 25, 2019

Highly recommended

Such an amazing product for my dog! Ever since I put it on him he stopped scratching within the next day

Lydia Jun 11, 2019

Great preventive

I have been using Frontline Plus for 9 months and it has consistently kept my pooch protected against fleas and ticks.

Brantley May 21, 2019

Highly Effective

The quick action benefit of this product is that it is highly effective in eliminating fleas and ticks

Paula May 08, 2019

Worry free

Whenever my Bruno goes out, he brings in ticks and that bothers me a lot. My was my friend suggested to buy this wonderful product for my pal. It worked great. Kudoss!!

Sasha May 03, 2019

Effective flea solution

An effective flea solution is Frontline Plus. It helped my pet immensely.

Sylvia Apr 12, 2019

Suits all my dogs

I am a proud parent of four dogs. A labrador, a cocker spaniel, a Doberman and an Alsatian. When one of them was infected with ticks, I did not risk myself and used Frontline Plus on all four of them. Now, all of them are tick-free.

Ryan Feb 17, 2019

Fairly effective tick remover

A fairly decent product for removing ticks. Gives month long protection from reinfestation as well.

Yuri Feb 10, 2019

Regularly bought product

I have trusted this product for years and even now it is equally effective

Stanley Jan 31, 2019

Best Treatment

It is always a saviour whenever my dog gets fleas or ticks. I have used it several times and it has worked as potentially as it did the first time. Love this product.

Natalia Nov 13, 2018

Best Price

I have been using frontline for a number of years now. The cost is literally almost half. I would highly recommend this product to all the pet owners.

Cora Jul 17, 2018

Pleased with the results!

I have been using Frontline Plus year round on my two dogs for almost 12 years now and they have never had a single flea on them. I always keep it in stock so my dogs never have to face any problems. Great product! Reasonable price!

Christopher Mar 28, 2018


Frontline Plus instantly removes fleas and ticks from my dog. Its really an awful drug that made my pooch free from fleas. Highly recommended.

Smith Mar 05, 2017


Best prices ever. fast, convenient, an dit really works. Thanks

Veronica Feb 23, 2017


My dog is an Australian cattle dog mixed named boo and she's a love! What does this have to do with the review? Nothing. I just love my dog! And that's why I use Frontline Plus. Frontline keeps Boo free of ticks and fleas. It works very well. I tried another product for 6 months, but I've come back to Frontline. I won't be using anything else.

Michelle Feb 19, 2017

Surprising results

I was really fed with constant flea infestation and would not know what I should do. However, my vet recommended me to try frontline plus, if it can work on my dogs. Surprisingly, there were no fleas and on constant treatment for 8 months, now I am not facing any repetitive flea infestation in my dogs.

Phelps Feb 07, 2017

Works perfectly

Buying from ages and it works perfectly fine on Rancho and Mancho. No fleas and no worries about flea infestation. And with great prices at Bestvetcare, I am happy.

Adele Jan 05, 2017

Always Reliable

Frontline plus is always reliable with no fleas on Loki. He is healthy and growing up very fast. NO SCRATCHEs and no flea bites. 100% can go with this product.

Tugher Dec 01, 2016

Use it if you love your pooch

Happy to use this product and I use it since Arnold was 10 months. He is of 1 year and 5 months and still going great without fleas due to Frontline Plus. Would definitely recommend to use this one for your dogs.

Reagen Nov 29, 2016

Great discount

You have great offers, really happy to get this deal, especially for this product. Thank you

Rebecca Nov 21, 2016

Is best result


Guadalupe Oct 11, 2016

Perfect Flea Preventive

I only use Frontline Plus because it works perfectly well. My dog is not at all bothered by this treatment. I highly recommend.

Maynard Oct 07, 2016

You Should Try It Out

My Prince is now free from fleas and ticks after using Frontline Plus. I am content with this product as my pooch is healthy and happy. Thank you Best vet care for dispatching my order quickly.

Alex Aug 22, 2016

Recommendable product

I have been using this product since 6 months on my doggy. It works excellently and killed all the fleas within 24 hours. I would recommend to all the dog owners who are looking for a better flea preventative.

Gena Jul 29, 2016

Amazingly Best Product

My dog was full of fleas and reacted horribly by constantly scratching. I tried all types of product, but none of them worked. When I was browsing the Budget Vet Care I came across Frontline Plus and decided to try it out. I am glad it worked great on my poor pet. The fleas were dying and the scratching stopped within a week. I am satisfied with this product as my furry pal is happy and healthy.

Jesse Jul 22, 2016

Authentic & Very Effective

I am using Frontline Plus for my dogs since a year. This product has shown great work on my dogs and they are free from fleas. I and my pooches are happy with this product and it's positive results.

Cindy May 18, 2016

Reliable Product

Frontline Plus monthly spot-on is working amazingly on my dog and now he has no fleas on him. It's really a cost-effective product. I recommend that you should try it on your dog. if he has got fleas.

Olive May 15, 2016

Great shopping experience!!

The streamlined checkout process made my online shopping experience highly delightful. Will definitely get other dog supplies from this amazing online shopping destination.

Charles May 12, 2016

Great value!! Reasonably priced!!

My doggie was suffering from fleas since last couple of weeks after application of this treatment my pooch became flea free and so I am extremely happy......The prices of the pet care supplies at the online store are also highly reasonable.

Samson May 04, 2016

The lowest possible prices!!

I got a highly effective flea and tick preventive at lowest possible costs and not to forget free shipping!! Me, my doggie, and my vet all three of us recommend BestVetCare!!

Ruth Apr 25, 2016

Got my money’s worth

I am extremely delightful to find Frontline Plus at BestVetCare because now I can avail great discount for quality products with zero shipping charges!! A great product that does what is suggested in the product description. Extremely happy customer!!!

William Apr 20, 2016

Absolute worthy

Frontline plus works perfectly on my dogs . It just removes all the fleas and I am happy that it does irritate them.

Judith Apr 04, 2016

Highly Recommended

Using since I brought Uno home. She was never irritated or showed any signs of side effects. Works perfectly on fleas and ticks.

Benjamin Mar 25, 2016