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Frontline Plus Small Dogs up to 22lbs (Orange)
Rate: 4.7/5
Frontline Plus Small Dogs up to 22lbs (Orange)

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Frontline Plus Small Dogs up to 22lbs (Orange)

Rate: 4.7/5

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Frontline Plus Small Dogs up to 22lbs (Orange)

Frontline Plus Orange for Small Dogs is the perfect solution for effective flea and tick protection in smaller canine companions weighing 5–22 lbs. This fast-acting formula provides quick and long-lasting prevention against infestations for up to 30 days. Frontline Plus kills existing fleas and ticks, including brown dog ticks, American dog ticks, lone star ticks, and deer ticks, while also preventing the development of new infestations. Its innovative formula targets all stages of the flea life cycle, including eggs and larvae, to break the cycle of infestation. Plus, it's waterproof after 24 hours of application, ensuring your dog can enjoy outdoor activities without compromising effectiveness. Trust Frontline Plus for Small Dogs to protect your canine companion against flea and tick bites and the transmission of Lyme disease.

Frontline Plus Orange Flea & Tick Treatment - How It Works?

Frontline Plus Small Dogs up to 22lbs (Orange) works by applying its dual-action formula directly to your pet's skin, where it quickly spreads through the hair follicles and oil glands. The active ingredients, fipronil and (S)-methoprene, target fleas, flea eggs, larvae, ticks, and chewing lice, effectively killing them on contact. This innovative formula disrupts the flea life cycle by preventing flea eggs and larvae from developing into biting adults, providing fast-acting and long-lasting protection for small dogs.


Fipronil and (S)-Methoprene

Advantages Of Frontline Plus
  • Quick and effective monthly flea and tick prevention
  • Attacks the flea life cycle and kills its intermediate stages
  • Kills fleas, flea eggs, larvae, ticks, and chewing lice
  • Protects the pet from Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)
  • Kills brown ticks, deer ticks, lone star ticks, and American dog ticks
  • Fast-acting formula provides rapid relief
  • Long-lasting protection for up to 30 days with a single application
  • Disrupts the flea life cycle to prevent re-infestation
  • Waterproof after 24 hours for uninterrupted effectiveness
Instructions To Use Frontline Plus
  • Remove the applicator from the package.
  • Hold the applicator upright and snap off the tip.
  • Part the hair on the back of your dog's neck at the base of the skull until the skin is visible.
  • Place the tip of the applicator on the skin and squeeze to apply the entire contents directly to the skin.
  • Avoid contact with treated area until dry.
  • Repeat monthly for continuous protection.
  • For small and medium dogs, apply solution only on a single spot.
  • For larger dogs, apply the formula on 4-5 spots preferably between the shoulder blades up to the base of the tail.


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Frontline Plus Safety Measures
  • Do NOT use on cats.
  • Store in a cool place as it is a highly inflammable product.
  • Take veterinarian’s advice before treating aged, injured, or debilitated dogs.
  • Keep away from children. If swallowed immediately, contact poison control center.
  • Keep away from pet’s eyes. If it enters, the pet’s eyes then flush with lots of water.
  • Wash hands with soap and water after treating the pet.
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