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Review : KMav Vit K1 for Supplements

Description :

Most rat poisons cause severe bleeding if eaten by dogs or cats. When not treated, most pets that eat this poison may die due to severe blood loss through bleeding. Fortunately, treatment with vitamin K reverses the poison’s effect. KMav Vit K1, which comes in tablet form, is highly effective in successfully treating dogs that are susceptible to anticoagulant poisoning. 

KMav Vit K1 for Dogs and Cats

A rich source of vitamin k, KMav Vit K1 is a perfect solution to reverse product hypoprothrombinaemia and haemmorhage caused by anticoagulant overdose. KMav Vit K1 provides sufficient amount of vitamin k, which is an essential co-factor in the hepatic synthesis of prothrombin and other blood clotting factors. This product is an excellent supplement of natural occurring vitamin K, which helps to save victimized dogs and cats affected due to ingestion of coumarin-based compounds or commercial rodenticides. 

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Sarah McDonell
KMav Vit K1

My vet recommended and it works really good. This product has saved Rancho's life and happy that i bought this product.