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Read All Reviews : Kyron Eye Wash for Dogs & Cats

Kyron Eye Wash
Description :

Kyron Eye Wash for Dogs & Cats

Kyron Eye Wash is a naturally developed for cleaning pet’s eyes. It gently removes dirt and debris from dog and cat’s eyes without irritation or burning sensation. The eye drops cleanse and soothe your dog/cat’s eyes. This eye wash formula does not sting the eyes and provides a cooling effect. It is especially recommended by the vet for daily eye cleaning. Kyron Eye Wash is totally safe for dogs and cats.

Kyron Eye Wash is developed with natural components and clinically proven for the safe use in pets. It is made up of Sodium bicarbonate, boric acid, and other cleaning agents. Kyron eye wash helps to wash out dirt and dust particles from eyes. It is also helpful in cleaning the eyes before treating with medicated eye drops. Kyron eye wash can be used regularly for keeping dog or cat’s eyes clean.

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Top Reviews

Perfect for dog eyes!

I really impressed with it as it is gentle to my dog's eyes. It's perfect. I would buy it again.

This product delivers what it promises.

Worked well what it promises on my dog's eye! It is safest solution for soothing dogs eyes.