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Lopis Basics Tick & Flea Collar For All Dogs 60cm
Rate: 5/5
Lopis Basics Tick & Flea Collar For All Dogs 60cm

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Lopis Basics Tick & Flea Collar For All Dogs 60cm

Rate: 5/5

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Lopis Flea and Tick Collar Dogs

Lopis flea and tick collar provides an effective and convenient way to keep dogs protected from fleas and ticks This collar is made with lightweight, flexible material, ensuring dogs' comfort and safety. The 60 cm long flea and tick collar has adjustable straps that fit dogs of all sizes and breeds. The collar is safe to use in dogs above 3 months of age. Lopis flea and tick collar can also be applied one week after a topical treatment for extended protection.

How it works?

Lopis collar contains Propoxur as an active ingredient that eliminates fleas and ticks by attaching to parasites nervous system. It also provides a protective layer on dogs preventing re-infestation for 4 weeks.



Instructions To Use Lopis Basics Tick & Flea Collar
  • Pull collar from the pack
  • Put the collar around your dog’s neck, adjusting the strap into a comfortable fit
  • Ensure to keep a gap of two fingers between your dog’s neck and collar
  • Cut down excess length of collar and dispose
  • For growing puppies adjust the collar as and when needed
Advantages Of Lopis Basics Tick & Flea Collar
  • Easy to put flea and tick prevention for dogs
  • Made with flexible and sturdy material to fit every dog size
  • Composed with powerful Propoxur active ingredient
  • Provides four weeks of protection against fleas and ticks
  • Suitable for all dog size and breeds above 3 months of age
Lopis Basics Tick & Flea Collar Safety Measures
  • For animal use only
  • Do not smoke, eat or drink while handling this product
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after use


  • Do not put on sick dogs
  • Remove the collar in case of skin irritation
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