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Read All Reviews : Malacetic Otic Ear for Dogs & Cats

Malacetic Otic Ear
Description :

Malacetic Otic Ear

Malacetic Otic Ear is used to clean the ears of dogs and cats and as a drying solution. It is an exclusive, environmentally sensitive and natural solution designed for everyday ear cleaning and drying. It is effective in getting rid of bacterial and fungal infection in the pet's ears. It is a pH balanced formula that employs functional acids that treats yeast, bacteria and microbes. It is ideal for routine ear cleaning and drying, especially for dogs and cats with a past history of chronic infection due to yeast.


Acetic Acid and Boric Acid with surfactants are the active ingredients present in Malacetic Otic Ear. These ingredients aid in gently cleaning the dog's canals thereby preventing formation of bacteria and yeast. It cleanses and cures the infection without any allergic reaction. It is a totally safe cleansing solution for pets.

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Top Reviews

Highly effective!

My cat had been infected with a very bad yeast infection. My colleague recommended using Malacetic Otic ear solution. I was skeptical at first but after I used it for two days I saw a drastic change in my cat’s ear. Great formulation!

Fantastic results

Thank god I tried this ear cleanser for my doggy’s sensitive ears! It saved me a trip to the vet and vet fees. And it cleared up the infection in less than a week. Really Fantastic results I got!

Great I recommed

I have a very allergic pug. Before few days he gets ear infections, my one of friend suggested this ear cleaning solution. I have saved lots of $ and also saved my pug from severe ear infections. Lastly, I would surely recommend Malacetic Otic Ear to all pet owners.