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Medizole for Bird Supplies

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Medizole is an oral treatment for multiple infections caused in pigeons and cage birds. It actively treats and prevents diseases such as Trichomoniasis, Hexamitosis and Giardia. This water-soluble composition is highly effective in treating and controlling various bird diseases. Medizole is also safe without any potential threat for racing and young pigeons. Due to its easy to use formulation, it is widely used by bird owners.

Medizole - How it works?

An excellent product from MedPet, Medizole is a broad-spectrum treatment for diseases like Giardia, Trichomoniasis and Hexamitosis in racing pigeons, cage birds and raptors. The active ingredient - Ronidazole used in this formulation works effectively to treat infestations and protect birds from these diseases. Medizole powder is water-soluble so, it is easy to dose birds.

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prices are good

Price is very good - convenience with delivery to door rather than going to walmart.

Raymond Sep 24, 2019

Good value

This is easy to use unlike some brands. Only started using during season and works great

Thane Aug 13, 2019

Treatment for every season

I use this every season and find my birds in good condition. Great prodcut and good price

Margaret Oct 16, 2017

A highly effective solution

This oral product was a real boon for my breeding bird as she was suffering from Giardia. With an easy to dose formulation my pet recovered very fast and now she is one happy soul. EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH THE PRODUCT!!

Max Mar 25, 2016