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Nexgard for Dogs

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Nexgard for Dogs - Flea & Tick Treatment

If you are looking for a new flea and tick oral treatment, then NexGard is the right product. Brought to you by Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim, this beef-flavored chewable kills fleas and ticks. It kills adult fleas before they can lay eggs. This special formulation also kills ticks including Lone Star ticks, Black-legged ticks, American dog ticks and Brown dog ticks. Powered with an enhanced technique, NexGard protects pets for one full month and safeguards dogs from flea re-infestations. Nexgard is safe for puppies and dogs over 8 weeks old

Nexgard - How it works?

NexGard is a powerful oral treatment that destroys fleas, ticks, and protects pets from flea re-infestations. The ingredient Afoxolaner, that is present in NexGard, quickly gets into the bloodstream and kills fleas and ticks by affecting their nervous system. The ingredient is released slowly as per the metabolic activities of your pet and therefore, protects the dog for 30 days.

Kindly Note:Merial is now acquired by Boehringer Ingelheim. So, the manufacturer’s name on product packs may vary according to the available stock.

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Have to make my dog take the chews which is a bit hard.

Kale Jan 13, 2020

Worked pretty well

worked great, no fleas and not a single tick on either of my dogs.

larken Jan 02, 2020

Far better than other treatments

Have used it for my dog and I have never found him displaying any side effects.

Valletta Dec 18, 2019

Best product by far

I am very satisfied with this product, this has eliminate all fleas. I would recommend to everyone.

Anthony Dec 13, 2019

Works as mentioned!

It works amazing, No fleas No ticks just the way it should be.

Tim Dec 03, 2019

Indeed an effective product

Nexgard indeed is an effective treatment as I could clearly find dead fleas falling from my pet within a few hours of administration.

Margery Nov 13, 2019

Easy to shop

The payment made a lot easier with Canadian dollar. Now it is more feasible to shop pet care products from this online store.

Warner Oct 30, 2019

Payment made easier

It is good to shop from BestVetCare as I now no more have to pay for products in US dollar.

Andrew Oct 21, 2019

My dog has no issues

Bye-bye to the topical solutions that made treating my dog havoc. These chewables are so easy to administer and my dogs have no problem with that.

William Sep 18, 2019

My dog thinks it is a treat

The product is very effective on my furry pal and he gulps it easily by thinking it to be a treat

Suzuka Sep 06, 2019

Convenient Product

Nexgard provides protection from fleas and ticks for an entire month which is really convenient.

Lucy Aug 28, 2019

Kills Fleas & Ticks

This product not only treats fleas but also kills ticks. So I do not have to use different products to treat different parasites.

Kennedy Jul 31, 2019

Works Great

Nexgard comes with many perks for my pooch as he loves to consume this due to its beef flavored taste. Moreover, it also protects my dog for 30 days.

Savannah Jul 17, 2019

No fleas and ticks

Eversince before I got a puppy, I read it everywhere about the danger of flea and tick infestation. After I got my GR, I consulted a vet and nexgard is highly recommended. Though being expensive, I think it's the best solution to prevent your dog from that icky disgusting itching and bites.

christine Jul 09, 2019

No more fleas

Product was great. No side effects. Got rid of the fleas.

Oliver Jul 04, 2019

Graet Stuff

I started my dogs on Nexgard as wasn't happy with the spot-on treatment. They take them finely and have had no issues with fleas and ticks at all.

Cameron Jun 20, 2019

Delighted to use this product

I am so relieved to use this product on my dog as it protects my dog from fleas and ticks for an entire month with just one dosage.

Zoey Jun 05, 2019

Happy To Use This Product

This powerful treatment eliminates fleas and ticks in no time. I see my dog flea free and relaxed.

Mark May 16, 2019

first time user

So far so good no issues. No fleas and my puppy took this with no problem

Watson May 13, 2019

As Easy As A Treat

I have always liked the ease of use with Heartgard. My dog loves the chewable product.

Kimberly May 01, 2019

Great Stuff

Nexgard was recommended by our vet. I gave it to our dog and after less than 42 hours all ticks were gone.

Kristi Apr 22, 2019

Complete product

A complete flea and tick treatment product. Very effective.

Edgar Apr 10, 2019

Great guard!

Helps in guarding my pal against flea and tick reinfestations. Amazing!

Eli Feb 13, 2019

Effective flea remover

This is an effective flea remover and on top of that, they are highly palatable. I'm hugely satisfied!

Stan Feb 06, 2019

Good Product

I have been treating my pet for ticks with Nexgard since a couple of months and they haven't returned back. This stuff really works.

Olivia Nov 13, 2018

Very awesome

I save money on supplies and my doggo is flea and tick free. Thanks to best vet care. Happy Dance!!!

Connie Oct 15, 2018

New nexgard user.

Better then shampoo and spot on. I love duke, I love nexgard.

H Jul 28, 2018

No more sticky and smelly hands.

My vet recommended Nexgard. The best part is that it’s a chew, no need to run behind for a spot on.

Jakob Jul 27, 2018

The Real Deal!

I only trust Nexgard when it comes to fighting fleas and ticks. It has provided me with great results for almost 2years now. I am thankful to Nexgard for always taking care of my pet in the worst flea and tick seasons.

Tyler Mar 09, 2018

Wonderful and easy to give

C. This product is wonderful,I have never used it before but my vet wanted me to try it on our new puppy,I didn't even know he had fleas never even seen one on him before,within a few hours it started working and it was so easy to give to him.i will only use nexgard from now on...

Heather Nov 27, 2017

Amazing Product

i am very thankful to Nexgard, i am so happy..!!

Andrea Oct 05, 2017

Easy to Use and Effective Product

I preferred this chewable product over the topical spot on product because my pug has a lot of furs and it made it tricky to apply. My pug is flea free and happy since using this effective product. And that’s pretty good for me.

Grace Jul 25, 2017

Wonderful Product

Iit I love Nexgard. Was highly recommended by my vet. Was so happy to find Nexgard through Best Vet Care at a much more affordable cost and wonderful service. I have used Nexgard for 2 years now and haven't seen a flea or tick on my French Bulldog. I will continue to purchase.

Deanee Jul 25, 2017


I purchase this product regularly for my dog, and will continue to do so. 

Brett Mar 05, 2017

NexGard is great

I bought for my little morkie that weighs 14 pounds, he just eats it with no problems. I always make sure that he eats something besides the nexgard and we have no upset stomach. I love no greasy neck or back from the other flea stuff, and he does not have fleas or ticks.

Carrolyn Jan 30, 2017

It really works!!!

I have two dogs and one of them runs away whenever he sees a topical treatment. Got this chewable treatment and the results have been amazing. He is totally flea free now. Thank you!!!

Alma Dec 29, 2016

Very effective on my furry pal!

My doggy has lots of fur and so topical flea treatments are out of the question as it is very difficult to apply. I gave this oral treatment to my furry pal and the results have been amazing. The coat is shiny and beautiful without any sign of fleas on it. Thank you so much!!!

Michelle Dec 01, 2016

Best product

I am usually skeptical of using oral flea treatment for my pooch. However, recommended by my vet, trying nexgard for the first time and seeing no side effects, I am happy to use this product. Full five stars to be safe on my aussie.

Nicole Nov 28, 2016

Satisfying Deal

I use this preventative on Hunter, as advised by the vet. I purchase this product at a high price from the vet. I was really content after, I came across this site and saw the discounts going on. Thanks, I purchased and stock this product my lovable pooch.

Rachel Nov 21, 2016


We had tried all other flea and tick preventatives for our 3 mini schnauzers. Nothing worked UNTIL we tried NexGard. We haven't seen a flea or tick on any of our dogs since the started using this prod I four months ago. Unbelievable! Excellent product!!!

Sharon Oct 24, 2016


I have used this product for 2 years now. I have a Rottie, Pit Bull and a Chorky. Not one flea! It works the best. My son's little dog was loaded with fleas so I gave him a pill and he was amazed at how good it worked and will be buying NexGard for his dog too.

Jo Oct 18, 2016

Effective and easy to use

This is the simple way to keep my furry companion away from fleas and ticks. My dog gobbles this chew, as it is a treat for him. I have complete faith in it.

jenna Oct 13, 2016

Will continue to purchase

I gave this chew to my dog 8 days ago, he was itching himself miserably and even could not sleep. Now he doesn't itch and sleeps well. Using Nexgard is the best product, which was recommended by the vet.

Lisa Sep 23, 2016

didn't work for my dogs

They still have some fleas after giving them the correct dosage.

Desiree Sep 23, 2016

Tried and it worked

I purchased this product from Best vet care, to give it a try on my Bella and it worked very well. It eliminated all fleas and ticks and does not even irritate her skin.

Lois Aug 29, 2016

Love it

Used last yr my taco as chewing his fur off. Gave him this stuff he stopped &a hair grew bk thank u.

Jennifer Aug 06, 2016

Good and Effective

My furry pal like this chewable, he thinks it's a treat to eat. This product is working perfectly, as I can see that my pooch is getting rid of fleas. I would trust this brand than any other.

Bette Aug 02, 2016

Best flea preventitive med on the market

This stuff is the absolute best! Prior to using Nexgard just a walk with my minpin Cyrus, would result in several fleas and especially ticks too. This is my first summer using NexGard and it has been a Godsend...I will never try anything else. No more bites on my little furbaby and mommy doesn't have to worry about getting lymes disease. Thank you for bringing this product to us!!! Five star for sure :)

Melanie Jul 18, 2016

Good bye fleas and ticks.

Was using the traditional Frontline drops and that did not kill the fleas and ticks. I overheard this product through word of mouth from people who take their dogs on hikes. Told me they haven't seen a flea or tick when they come back from their hikes. This is true. No longer am I disturbed in the middle of the night from my dog itching and biting. This product works wonders. Ever since the switch I haven't see one flea or tick on my dog. My dog is happy, I am happy and it is one less worry in rgards to maintaining my dogs health. Very satisfied with NEXGARD.

Tammy Jun 14, 2016

It works well

Works good, but give it to your dog when the dog is hungry because mine didn't find it very tasty and it took several tries. Finally when they were really hungry, they ate it.

Vanessa Jun 14, 2016


We live in a wooded area which means lots of fleas and ticks and bugs! Vet recommended NexGard and it has been perfect. Nexgard is the ONLY product that has worked for us . Within a few days we noticed a decrease in scratching and itching. After 2 weeks no more fleas .\Easy, small cheawble tablet that he likes, no muss no fuss and my life is easier. Once a month and good to go!!

Sarah Jun 02, 2016

Finally an easy way to control fleas!!

I give my Boston terriers, the Nexgard chewable tablet once a month, and there are rarely any fleas. This chew works great on him and I have not even noticed any negative side effects.

Robin May 13, 2016

Forgotten to deal with the messy stuff!!

My pooch loves the taste of this amazing flea and tick preventive. Due to its oral administration it has been several months since I have tried any spot-on treatment on my dog.

Newton Apr 23, 2016

A very fast acting flea eliminator

My pooch was sick and tired of the pesky parasites discomforting him. I tried lots of flea and tick preventives but with no results. Ultimately, I found this product on BestVetCare and the description given was so extensive that I was tempted to get it from the online pet store. It really works quite quickly and is very easy on my pocket.

Sam Apr 20, 2016

My dog loves it

My dog loves this product he thinks it’s a treat for him. It was recommended by the vet and I am really happy with this and completely satisfied with results of NexGard.

Josephine Apr 13, 2016

Great product!

NexGard is a good going product. It has protected my gipsy from the flea re-infestation and destroyed the fleas and ticks. It is easy to give and he loves the flavor of this chewable tablet.

Alan Apr 13, 2016

Highly Effective!

I have a German Sheppard. I visited the vet and he highly recommended the NexGard to control the fleas and ticks. This is working on him and I am happy for my mastiff.

Magin Apr 13, 2016

Safe on my pets!!

NexGard seems to work great for our dog she never had any side effects from it and it keeps the ticks at bay. It wards off all types of ticks. I would recommend this product.

Carol Apr 13, 2016

Great product!

I have bought NexGard several times! I enjoy saving the money instead of overpaying the Vet! NexGard works so very well!

Peggy Apr 02, 2016

Great product

I totally rely on nexgard for protecting Bruno from fleas and ticks. The best thing is I just give it orally without any mess of those solutions.

Mac Mar 25, 2016