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Single Treatment

This is an excellent product prescribed by the vet for my dog. It controls varied internal parasites and also prevents from heartworms. I was buying this product at the vet and it was more expensive. Now I am purchasing it from BestVetCare, as the prices are low compared to others.

Very Effective

My dog does not resist Nexgard chewable's and this is one of the best flea and tick control. I have got positive and effective results after using it on my pup, in just a few weeks time.

Single Solution

This product prevents my furry pal from all the multiple parasites and intestinal worms. I have to just give him a single chewable tablet once in every month and then not to worry about him of getting any kind of infestation. I am satisfied and would like to recommend Nexgard Spectra to dog owners if they are looking for a single solution to prevent their pets from fleas and worms.

A great product!!

It is very easy to administer and both my dogs are now free from fleas and gastrointestinal worms thanks to this product. I will definitely recommend dog owners to get this product if other treatments are not effective.

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