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Read All Reviews : Oticlear for Dogs & Cats

Description :

Oticlear Ear Cleansing Solution for Dogs and Cats

Oticlear is a popular ear cleanser for dogs and cats. The topical solution helps in removing excess wax and tissue debris from ear canal. It helps in keeping ears of dogs and cats clean. The antimicrobial effect controls growth of bacteria and ear infection. It is a non-irritating ear cleaner and easy to apply. The ear cleansing solution is useful prior to the application of other aural medications in ears of dogs and cats.

OTICLEAR for Dogs and Cats

Oticlear contains two weak acids - lactic acid and salicylic acid. These active ingredients work effectively in eliminating wax and dirt from ears of dogs and cats. These weak acids prepare an environment of an acid pH in order to restricts the bacterial and fungal growth. It helps in preventing aural diseases. Oticlear is helpful in routine cleansing as well as prior to use of ear medication recommended by your vet.

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Top Reviews

Very Happy I bought this!

My pup has floppy ears and tends to get ear infections a couple times a year. Really happy that I found this product. It helps keep his ear healthy. I love it!

Great product, Simple to use

Really amazing and gentle for my highly allergic dog! Very simple to apply it.