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Read All Reviews : Pet Dent Toothbrush for Dogs & Cats

Pet Dent Toothbrush
Description :

Pet Dent Toothbrush

Pet Dent toothbrush is an excellent double ended toothbrush. This unique toothbrush has special long handle that will reach far end of the dog’s mouth. It is easy to handle this toothbrush to brush your pet’s teeth. It helps to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. The regular use prevents tartar build-up and stops bacteria formation. The long handled toothbrush keeps teeth clean and mouth fresh.

Dental Pet Dent Toothbrush

Pet Dent Toothbrush is specially designed to reach each corner of the dog’s mouth. The toothbrush is two ended. One end has small brush, which is 1,5cm in length, while the other has a large brush, which is 2,5cm in length. Use Pet Dent toothpaste with this pet dent toothbrush for the best results.

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Top Reviews

Pet toothbrush

Quite easy to handle the brush while brushing my pooch. No risk factor about hurting her.

Easy to handle toothbrush.

I never thought that brushing would be so easy. When it comes brushing my pooch I used to be tensed worring about hurting him but, now no tension as this brush is very flexi and does not hurt.

Pet Dent Toothbrush

Excellent Product