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Program Flavor Tablets for Dogs

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Program Flavor Tabs is a potent solution for dogs. It prevents flea eggs and larvae from developing by breaking the flea life cycle at its base and effectively wiping out the flea population. One dose is enough for a month to protect your dog efficaciously from flea infestations. These tabs are suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs.

Program Flavor Tabs - How it works?

Program Flavor Tabs contain Lufenuron, an insect growth regulator, which is potent and highly proactive in preventing flea populations. It helps in the thorough destruction of the parasite and provides complete protection from the same for one full month. It is to be noted that Lufenuron does not kill adult fleas.

Kindly Note: Novartis is now acquired by Elanco. So, the manufacturer’s name on product packs may vary according to the available stock.

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flavored tabs

these tabs work wonders

Mejia Jan 08, 2020

flavor tabs

these tabs are going great with our four dogs, recently we added one more pug in our family. want to try flea treatment, any suggestions, or this can go great.

Betsy Nov 25, 2019

flavored tablets

these flavored tablets are quite easy to dose and quite effective too.

Gerard Oct 20, 2019

easy to administer

The first flea tablet my dogs have taken off my hand.

Reed Sep 08, 2019

Free shipping

I m excited to get that free shipping as well as great discounts. would recommend this to all my friends

EIsenzap Jul 10, 2019