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Read All Reviews : Program for Cats

Description :

Program oral suspension for cats is a fast acting, easy to administer flea treatment that kills fleas within 24-48 hours. Suitable for kittens and cats of all breeds, this treatment remains effective for a month. It breaks flea life cycle by killing flea eggs and prevents re-infestations and multiplication of these parasites.

Program Oral Suspension

Available for kittens, small cats and large cats, Program oral suspension is an easy to administer flea treatment. It is highly suitable for kittens that cannot eat solid food. Orally administered the suspension circulates through the cat’s bloodstream, destroys flea eggs, breaks their life cycle and protects the cat from parasite borne diseases.

Lufenuron, the active ingredient prevents larval growth and thus breaks the parasitic life cycle. It kills controls and prevents fleas found on felines and in the surroundings for a period of four weeks. In order to prevent flea infestations, give this oral suspension every month for at least six months. Start giving suspension two months before fleas become active.

Kindly Note: Novartis is now acquired by Elanco. So, the manufacturer’s name on product packs may vary according to the available stock.

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happy dog

No more flea problem after starting this product. Would recommend

Good value flea treatment

Have been using this for Tiger for a little while and it seems to work very well. Good price too!


Excellent Product