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Program for Dogs

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Program Plus for dogs is a multipurpose treatment for fleas, intestinal worms, and heartworm diseases in dogs and puppies. It kills fleas, flea life stages, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms found in dogs. These are suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs. The film-coated tablets are administered on a monthly basis based on the weight of the dog.

Program - How it works?

Program Plus for dogs is a unique scientific formulation consisting of Milbemycin oxime and Lufenuron. Milbemycin is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic with anthelmintic, insecticidal, and miticidal properties. Lufenuron is a pesticide that impedes the growth of flea larvae. The combination of both result in a full proof treatment for fleas and some intestinal worms.

Kindly Note: Novartis is now acquired by Elanco. So, the manufacturer’s name on product packs may vary according to the available stock.

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better than others

better than other tratments i have used. trying this, i am gonna stick to it.

Lathery Jan 07, 2020


program plus works on multiple parasites which is a biggest advantage for us.

Emily Nov 26, 2019


this product is going great with my two puppies, am looking for a cat. can you suggest me any treatment?

Jean Oct 14, 2019

Safe and reliable

Safe and reliable

Moeggenberg Sep 06, 2019

Cheap prices

the prices seem great here. Can't buy better than these prices

RHONDA Jul 10, 2019

No more fleas

My doggy was suffering from a very bad flea problem. Even after rinsing him from a flea shampoo I could see fleas all around his coat. My friend suggested me to try this product and it has worked wonderfully well. Now my furry pal is free from fleas. Now I do not buy any other flea preventive except program for my doggy. Thank you!!!

Mariana Jan 01, 2017

A perfect oral flea treatment for my dog

This treatment is very easy to administer. It is perfect for those dog owners that are not able to use topical flea treatment due to loss of fur due to sensitivity. Highly recommended!!!

Louis Dec 04, 2016

Lucky to get this product

I am happy that I have found this multipurpose treatment for my dog. It eliminates fleas, intestinal worms and heartworms too. Now my furry pal is healthy and free from pests and worms.

Norma Oct 14, 2016

You must try it...

We tried some of the cheaper products but never worked. This product really did the trick and exactly did what it's supposed to do. I am delighted to get this product for my loving furry pal.

Andrew Sep 23, 2016

Reliable Product for fleas

This is the only product, I can rely on every spring and summer. I am very satisfied with the results as my pooch is free from fleas since 1 year.

Judy Aug 03, 2016

No problems whatsoever!!

I live in Florida and have been using this ingenious treatment on my dog since last few months and there has never been a problem of fleas, intestinal worms or heartworm. Thank you BestVetCare!!

Venissa May 11, 2016

An effective oral treatment!!

I have been purchasing Program tablets for my dogs and the results have been amazing. There are no fleas or worms on my pooches. It is a great treatment, especially for dogs!!

Allan May 03, 2016

A great shopping destination!!

At last found an online pet store that is not only affordable, but also sells genuine products. Extremely happy with the results!!

Nathan Apr 22, 2016


Highly prefer Program plus to control heartworms in my dogs. It is easy for me to apply and the monthly treatment eases way the worries of infection.

Nicole Mar 31, 2016

No flea infestation

Program is good for keeping pet free from flea infestation. Staying in warmer climatic zone always use program to control infestation along with other adult flea killing treatments.

Sophie Mar 25, 2016