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Program for Dogs

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Program Plus for dogs is a multipurpose treatment for fleas, intestinal worms, and heartworm diseases in dogs and puppies. It kills fleas, flea life stages, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms found in dogs. These are suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs. The film-coated tablets are administered on a monthly basis based on the weight of the dog.

Program - How it works?

Program Plus for dogs is a unique scientific formulation consisting of Milbemycin oxime and Lufenuron. Milbemycin is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic with anthelmintic, insecticidal, and miticidal properties. Lufenuron is a pesticide that impedes the growth of flea larvae. The combination of both result in a full proof treatment for fleas and some intestinal worms.

Kindly Note: Novartis is now acquired by Elanco. So, the manufacturer’s name on product packs may vary according to the available stock.

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Terrific price

It works great for my dogs and terrific price!

Marie May 26, 2020

got delivered

It got delivered when needed the most.

Albert May 20, 2020

Easy and it works

Easy to follow instructions for use. Seems to be doing the job as well.

Alison Apr 21, 2020

Fleas dying visibly

I used this and I’ve noticed some fleas on her. Not very many, like they could be dying.

Andra Apr 09, 2020

Go to product

Our go to product to keep fleas away from my pet.

Peggy Mar 23, 2020