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Revolution for Cats

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Manufactured by Zoetis, Revolution is a monthly topical treatment for cats and kittens over 6 weeks of age. It is a broad-spectrum treatment for treating and controlling various internal and external parasitic infections. It protects cats against fleas, lice, roundworms, hookworms, heartworms and ear mites. It is a parasiticide, which kills all stages of the flea life cycle found on the cat’s body and in the environment.

Revolution - How it works?

Revolution for Cats is a monthly spot-on treatment that kills fleas within 36 hours of application. It kills immature heartworms, flea life stages, ear mites, intestinal worms and lice. An ideal treatment for protecting cats against parasitic infections, Revolution prevents re-infestations from other pets and surroundings.

The active ingredient Selamectin kills the parasites by causing neuromuscular paralysis and impaired muscular contraction. Repeat on a monthly basis all year round for effective results. Available in separate packs for kittens and cats, Revolution is a waterproof treatment for cats. It is also safe for pregnant and lactating cats. 

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Absolutely best

Revolution work absolutely best on my pet. It's just that the topical treatment takes a bit more time to get dry.

Lisa Feb 19, 2020


I use this on my furry baby because it works on her no matter how slow it starts working on.

Genesis Feb 06, 2020

My dog is fine with this

I prefer to use this topical treatment on my pet rather than those chews.

jessica Jan 27, 2020

Good and safe

Used it for my pregnant pet and it really is safe

Rambo Jan 13, 2020

Starts working immediately

Great product. Works immediately after application.

Yunes Jan 02, 2020

Kills fleas effectively

I used it on my kitty when she turned into a flea bag and I must say that Revolution has done a really great job to make my cat flea free.

monty Dec 18, 2019

No problems here

Works great! Never has a problem with fleas nor did my pet displayed any sign of adverse reactions.

Chantelle Dec 03, 2019

Undoubtedly effective

I like the way it effectively works on my pet.

Pearl Nov 13, 2019

Easy to give

A major thing I liked about the product is that it is easy to apply to my pet and she is a fussy eater so this is a great replacement for chewables.

Hugh Oct 30, 2019

Easy to shop

They made paying process easier with CAD currency option. Such a relief.

Margaret Oct 21, 2019

Keeps fleas at bay

My kitty is no more seen with flea bites. Thanks to Revolution.

Cameron Oct 15, 2019

Excellent product

This is an excellent product that I will always prefer to use for my cat

Audrey Sep 11, 2019

Safe for pregnant cat

I always wanted a product that treats multiple parasites from my cat. Fortunately, this worked really well and the best part is that it is also safe for my pregnant cat

Kennedy Aug 30, 2019

Great Protection From Parasites

This product provides bonanza protection from internal as well as external parasites.

Luna Jul 31, 2019

So far the best

My cats are crazy skittish and putting a few drops of any treatment on their skin has always been a huge struggle. But this product has helped make it easier.

Kimberly Jul 22, 2019

Works Very Well

I have never seen a flea on my kitty after using this product and it also covers ear mites and heartworm.

Issac Jul 04, 2019

Good Flea Prevention

This is a good product in the prevention of fleas and convenient to administer.

Lola Jun 20, 2019

Hassle-Free Treatment

I never had a hassle putting it on my 2 cats. After using this product, both have never had a flea problem.

Sarah Jun 05, 2019

Wonderful product

This product is very effective in killing internal and external parasites that haunt my kitty. And the best part is that it is a waterproof solution.

Megan May 16, 2019

Waterproof treatment

No matter how many times my kitty goes in the water, this solution does not lose its effectiveness. Lovely waterproof solution.

Tiffany Apr 14, 2019

Heals hookworms

My cat was suffering from hookworms so I opted for Revolution after consultation with my vet. It helped treat it very effectively. I am very satisfied!

Henrietta Feb 13, 2019

Controls intestinal parasites

Revolution for cats is a great product that has helped me in controlling intestinal parasites from harming my poor baby. Love this product.

Scott Feb 06, 2019


very good product I am a regular customer of this product

Georgie Jan 29, 2019

Best for my cat

I can’t think about any other treatment other than Revolution when it comes to fighting flea and tick infestation on my cat. The product works its magic instantly and provides my kitty with instant relief. Perfect product! Great results! Definitely recommended!

Jose Mar 15, 2018

It really works!!!

I have been getting this product for the past few years and it is the only flea preventive treatment that works on my kitty. Highly satisfied customer!!!

Tracey Jan 12, 2017

A very effective treatment!!!

I got this product after getting recommendation from my veterinarian. It is very easy to use and since I have administered this treatment on my kitty there have been no fleas or worms on her. A great product for felines!!!

Mary Dec 20, 2016

Very Pleased with Revolution

Revolution has been perfect for My Maggie. This product takes care of her and fights against fleas, ticks, intestinal worms and heartworms. This is an all in one treatment, without any side effects.

Arica Oct 04, 2016

Cost-effective flea preventative

This is a perfect product for my pooch, it eliminates the fleas and even the intestinal worms. I will keep using this product, as it is effective and fits in my budget.

Melissa Sep 09, 2016

long time customer

I have been using Revolution on my cats for about 10 years. It is not hard to apply and we have never seen a flea, ear mite, or any worms.

Daniel Jun 14, 2016

easy to use.,

I have 2 cats and I find this product the most effective. One of my cats occasionally looses some of his fur where I apply it. I asked the vet about it and he said it was normal for some cats. It does grow back.

Elaine Jun 14, 2016


Revolution is effective so far and no problem

Jude Jun 14, 2016

Best Heartwormer

Highly prefer this heartwormer to save my dog from heartworm infection. buying it from bestvetcare is quite and I never have to wait for the next application.

Isaac Mar 25, 2016