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Revolution for Cats Reviews

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Manufactured by Zoetis, Revolution is a monthly topical treatment for cats and kittens over 6 weeks of age. It is a broad-spectrum treatment for treating and controlling various internal and external parasitic infections. It protects cats against fleas, lice, roundworms, hookworms, heartworms and ear mites. It kills all stages of the flea life cycle found on the cat’s body and in the environment.

Revolution - How it works?

Revolution for Cats is a monthly spot-on treatment that kills fleas within 36 hours of application. It kills immature heartworms, flea life stages, ear mites, intestinal worms and lice. An ideal treatment for protecting cats against parasitic infections, Revolution prevents re-infestations from other pets and surroundings.

The active ingredient Selamectin kills the parasites by causing neuromuscular paralysis and impaired muscular contraction. Repeat on a monthly basis all year round for effective results. Available in separate packs for kittens and cats, Revolution is a waterproof treatment for cats. It is also safe for pregnant and lactating cats. 

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Takes care of all

Revolution is the best topical treatment one can use on their fur babies as it takes care of them all.

Hannah Jan 19, 2022

Best Treatment

Amongst all the topicals we've used so far, Revolution has worked the best I must say.

Daryl Jan 11, 2022

Best Formula

I just have to pour this liquid on her shoulder and the chemical does the rest.

Hannah Jan 06, 2022

One is enough

I'm glad that I don't have to use different treatments on our baby now and this one does the job.

Jack Jan 04, 2022

Great Protection

I've had to use a topical solution for our kitties, and glad I found Revolution.

Muhammad Dec 29, 2021