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Kay Paulus
Works better than anything else and safe

Two Summer's in a row our 98% indoor cats contracted fleas. We tried Advantage, Frontline, natural clove flea drops, other flea collars, flea baths etc. Nothing worked and my boy cat has sensitive skin. I was worried about the toxins. A friend told us about Seresto. We ordered them (by the way they are cheaper here than other places which is why I buy here) and the fleas and eggs were gone very fast. The cats have no side affects. They don't mind the collars as they are thinner and skinnier than a normal collar and more pliable. I highly recommend them for prevention and treatment.

An absolute winner without dispute

This product is indisputably above par other flea preventative treatments available in the market. Got it at a price which will not hurt my pocket and so very happy with the purchase!!