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Simparica Oral Flea & Tick Preventive for Dogs

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Simparica for dogs are orally administered tablets for fast-acting treatment against fleas and ticks. This flavored chewables are highly safe and remain effective all month long. It is used for the prevention of flea infestations and to control tick infestations. These chews start killing the fleas within 3 hours and ticks within 8 hours. It is important to treat all dogs and other pets within a household with an approved flea control product.

Simparica - How it works?

Simparica contains the active ingredient Sarolaner, which inhibits the function of the neurotransmitter gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor and glutamate receptor, and works at the neuromuscular spot in insects. This results in uncontrolled neuromuscular activity, leading to death in insects or acarines such as fleas ad ticks.

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Works Great

My dogs have had no troubles with side effects since taking it. This product works great at keeping those nasty bugs away!

Georgie Sep 16, 2019

No side effects

Being a pet parent I was worried about side effects that had caused irritation to my pet, but this product has no side effects.

Savannah Sep 13, 2019

Works Great

Thankfully this treatment does not take ages to kills flea and ticks. Works great on my pup.

Kayden Sep 03, 2019

Easy To Administer

These chews are really easy to administer to my finicky dog and it works really well

Jim Aug 26, 2019

So easy to administer

It is such a relief to administer this chews to my finicky dog. All I have to do is just administer it directly into my Fido’s mouth.

Duke Jul 29, 2019

Keeps my dog flea and tick free

I have been treating my dog with Simparica for years and never had a problem with flea nor ticks. She eats the chewable tablet as a treat

Natalie Jul 15, 2019

No fleas or ticks found

My dogs are flea free because of this product. The cherry on the top is that they also love its taste.

Daniella Jun 30, 2019

Perfect for our pup

We used this product for six months and the only ticks we find are dead. Our Fido readily accepts the tablet and there are no side effects.

Reese May 27, 2019

Best flea prevention

My dogs are flea and tick free because of this product, they love it !!!

Dora May 13, 2019


No complaints here about this product! My dog loved how it tasted, not a strong smell, no fleas, no ticks.

Lauren Apr 29, 2019


My dog ate the tablet with no problem and he can be fussy about his treats. So far, no more ticks.

Lesley Apr 22, 2019

Tasty chews for my pal

These tasty chews are a huge hit. My buddy really loves them. Also, this product is very good.

Glenn Apr 10, 2019

Flea protector

Not only does these chews help in eliminating fleas, they also help in protecting my pal from re-infestation.

Bob Feb 19, 2019

Very helpful

Helpful in eliminating fleas and ticks. Good and effective product.

Esther Feb 11, 2019

Good product

Effective, affordable and safe what to so you need more

Achara Feb 05, 2019

Best chewables!

This treatment was effective within 2 hours of administration. It is a very well formulated chewable. My pup loves it. Recommended!

Creed May 17, 2018

awsome stuff

I use simparica only 3 months a year,long story short no mo fleas, I have 9 dachshunds.

B May 08, 2018

Great Results!

I recently had to start treating my dog Perkie for fleas. I went to the local store but found the product to be too expensive. Then I decided to check online and found Budget Vet Care and I was astonished by the prices they offer. Hats off to them! Keep up the good work guys!

Jose Mar 08, 2018

Problem solver!

Flea collars didn’t work on my two bulloxers...I tried a vet recommended product that caused side effects on one of my pups. I tried Simparica recommended by another vet and they stopped scratching quickly and has worked great.

Dennis Dec 31, 2017

Nothing bad about it

Heard about this from my vet, and starting using it. Can't say anything bad about it as SImparica is getting along with my four fur kids well. And the good thing is that I save a little extra buying at bestvetcare.

Talia Jan 09, 2017

Best results

I have never tried oral treatment on Tracy for controlling fleas and ticks. But using Simparica I am carefree now. Tracy is an outdoor dog and fleas and ticks are common pests that I have to deal with. But Simparica seems best suitable for her with no more infestation now.

Bella Dec 02, 2016

Best Product Available

Simparica killed fleas and ticks so quickly that Max stopped scratching. It worked better than the other oral products, which I used in past. I like this stuff as my pup love it more.

Charlotte Oct 18, 2016

i am verry happy would use it again

i am verry happywith this product

john Aug 11, 2016