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Swimmer's solution for Dogs & Cats Reviews

4.6/5 (24 Reviews)

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Swimmer’s Solution is a harmless acidifier that is highly helpful in the treatment of fungal infections in dog’s ears. Gentle on dog’s ears, the acidifier solution restricts the growth of fungi and other micro-organisms. The disinfectant controls ear infections and prevents damage to the dog’s ears. It keeps the ear canals clean, dry, and odor free. Swimmer’s Solution is ideal for dogs that swim a lot. Moreover, it is safe to use on all dog and cat breeds.

Swimmer’s Solution - How it works?

Swimmer’s Solution is made of harmless acidifiers - Glacial acetic acid and Iso propyl alcohol, both of which disinfects the ear canals. It prevents the overgrowth of fungal organisms by changing the pH level in the dog’s ear. The specially formulated ear solution also dries and disinfects the ear canald, rendering it hostile to the growth of micro-organisms.

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Does the job

It's been a great experience using this one in particular.

Romilla Mar 21, 2022

Went well

I liked it because when we'd used it, it didn't cause an y irritation to our baby.

Kevin Nov 25, 2021

Happy With The Product

It is a good way of disinfecting ear canal in our dog.

Tyler Aug 24, 2021

Very effecient

It is a product that comes with no side effects and works effectively at the same time.

Julie Jul 23, 2021

Best treatment

No other worked as effectively as this. Highly recommended!

Charlotte Jun 25, 2021