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Read All Reviews : Valuheart for Dogs

Description :

Valuheart tablets for dogs are a monthly treatment for prevention of heartworms and diseases caused by these deadly worms. It is an inexpensive, generic alternative to the branded heartworm prevention product Heartgard for dogs. Orally administered the tablets kill the tissue stages of heartworms thus treating infections and preventing fatal heartworm diseases.

Valuheart Heartworm Tablets

Valuheart tablets for dogs, a monthly treatment when administered year round prevents heartworm infections by killing immature heartworm larvae (Dirofilia immitis) and rules out the chances of deadly heartworm diseases. It treats infections occurred during the immediate previous month and protects canines from severe heart and lung problems.

Ivermectin, the key ingredient is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic agent that rapidly kills microfilariae (intermediate stage of parasite life cycles) but does not affect adult worms. It thus prohibits the growth of heartworm larvae into adult heartworm. Orally administered the tablets are a convenient treatment for heartworm infections. 

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Top Reviews

Affordable price

I have used this product... it works perfectly well on my Della. It is protecting her from heartworms from a long time.

Great stuff at cheap price

It is a generic product but does what it exactly said. It works great to prevent heartworms.

Best Preventative

This will be the best product if you have more than one dog. I give this treatment to both of my doggies, as it works very well on them. I get this product at cheapest price from Best vet care.

Product to keep your pet safe

I use this monthly heartworm prevention treatment on my dog. It is easy to administer and no side effects to be seen on using this product.

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