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Read All Reviews : Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs

Preventic Tick Collar
Description :

Preventic tick collar for dogs is an effective tick treatment for puppies and dogs over 8 weeks of age. It kills ticks and prevents infestations within 48 hours of buckling it. It destroys American brown ticks, Deer ticks, Lone Star ticks and Brown dog ticks. It contains parasitic drugs that show 97% effectiveness for a period of 60 days. The waterproof collar is available in two sizes and is safe for all breeds of dogs.

Preventic Tick Collar For Dogs

Manufactured by Virbac, Preventic tick collar for dogs is an easy to use tick treatment that kills and controls paralysis ticks. The lightweight collar weighing 27.5 gm is easy to carry by canines. It contains Amitraz, a non-systemic acaricide and insecticide with an insect repellant property. It kills and detaches ticks found on the dog’s body and thus prevents re-infestations.

Amitraz kills existing ticks and repels new ticks from sticking the dog’s body. It protects tick infestations for two months and saves the dog from severe tick-borne diseases. The waterproof, odorless collar fits all dog sizes. For long lasting effectiveness, it is important that the dog wear it continuously.

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Top Reviews

The Best ever

Live in the country. Have tried everything including Seresto at $35.00 a pop....Nothing even compares with Preventic. Its only last two months but well worth the money. Cant say enough good about this product.


We really haven't had time to rate the collar for tick prevention/extermination; we only put it on Augie the first of Feb. But I will say this much: the Preventic collar has come with no side effects such as irritation of her skin; it has no odor; and she seems unaware she's even wearing it. So that's all good.

Can't depend on other products

No collar fits perfectly as this collar on my dog. It generally use this for paralysis ticks as these are heavy in number in our region. It usually get it for best prices. Thanks best vet care for great deals.

Best one to try

Was looking around for a collar that can even work on parasites and got preventic tick collar. It's easy to tug in and no more ticks on Gabriel. Saving a bit more with bestvetcare on monthly treatments.

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