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Read All Reviews : Seresto Collar for Dogs

Seresto Collar
Description :

Seresto dog collar is an advanced flea and tick collar that protects dogs from fleas for up to 8 months and ticks for up to 4 months. It kills fleas and ticks as well as controls flea larvae. The protective collar kills and repels ticks. It also kills chewing lice for 30 days and controls sarcoptic mange to protect dogs from harmful infestations.  It is a mess free treatment without the need to remember monthly treatment. It is recommended for dogs 7 weeks of age or older.

From the house of Bayer, Seresto collar is indicated for the prevention of fleas and ticks on small and large dogs. With long lasting effect, it treats and prevents flea infestations for up to 8 months and ticks for up to 4 months. Seresto controls existing lice infestations and kills lice for 30 days.It controls existing lice infestations and kills lice for 30 days. The dog collar aids in the treatment of sarcoptic mange. It is the most reliable and long lasting flea and tick treatment.

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Top Reviews

This product was easy to use and apply

The packaging and product were very easy to use. The instructions were very easy to understand.

Cheap and best

This is the second one I got for my dog. Went thru all last summer without incident. So I think it works very well. The price was a little cheaper than other places I checked out including the other Pet Stores. They were like $10.00 more in price. So I lucked out on the price.

I would highly recommend this collar.

Great product! Would highly recommend! Will purchase another when needed. Prices are good. Durable, Easy to Use, Good Value, Pet Loves It, High Quality

Good customer service

This product is amazing. Actually I wanted to get large size but by mistake ordered small size. However customer care at bestvetcare exchanged it and happy to get the right size.

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