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Review : Interceptor for Dogs

Description :

Interceptor Spectrum tasty chews are monthly treatment for preventing heartworm and controlling intestinal worms in dogs. The palatable, beef flavored chews are given every month, all year around for lifetime protection against deadliest of worms. Available in three different packages, it is suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs including small, medium and large dogs.


Interceptor Spectrum For Dogs is an ideal prevention against heartworms found in puppies and dogs. It only treats heartworms, but also prevents heartworm infections. Available in tasty chew form, the monthly dosage of this beef flavored Interceptor tablet is an absolute protection for all types of intestinal worms including roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm and whipworm.

Milbemycin and Praziquantel are the active ingredients in Interceptor Spectrum Chews which kill the intestinal parasites by causing nerve transmission failure and muscle spasm. These are safe to be given to 2 weeks and older puppies, adult dogs, breeding dogs, pregnant females and collies.

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Top Reviews

Happy to get this product

I am satisfied and happy that this product worked without any bad reactions. It is very easy to give this chew to my pooch and he gobbles it within no time.

Happy to use this product

This product is like a treat for my pooch. I don't have to hide the chew in the food, he eats the whole chew from my hand. I have not seen any adverse reactions to this treatment.

Tasty chew to prevent heartworm

This seems a tasty treat for my pooch. It is a quick and easy preventative that prevents worms in my furry pal. They are in my budget and cost-effective.

Very Effective

I use Interceptor for my dog. It is very easy to apply on his back and it has been very effective to protect him from worms.

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