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Read All Reviews : Adaptil Collar for Dogs

Adaptil Collar
Description :

Adaptil Collar is highly helpful to control and reduce fear in unfriendly environment and surroundings. The collar aids to lower stress and anxiety during the unlikely situations. It works effectively in keeping your dog during fireworks, travelling, meeting with strangers and moving to new home. In any unpredictable situation, the collar helps dogs remain calm and relaxed.

DAP Adaptil collar is clinically developed with naturally occurring dog pheromones. These pheromones help dogs and puppies stay calm and reduce stress in challenging environment. It is highly helpful for socializing puppy to kennel or bringing home new one. DAP Adaptil collar is highly helpful while traveling as it keeps your dog relaxed.

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Top Reviews

Best option to reduce stress in dogs

My dog was facing difficulty when we moved to new place. I asked my vet friend to how to help my dog. He suggested me this collar and it's done. I am highly satisfied with the result of this collar.

Helps Calm My Puppy Down

My puppy had some anxiety issues. But surprisingly within the few hours of wearing this collar, he was happy to stay downstairs and calm down instead of nervously following me up the stairs. It truly works.

Absolutely makes a difference

Very good product, my dog had the fear of loud noises like fireworks, thunder, I have used such calming collar for the last a year and swear by it. And, latterly I have seen an immediate difference in my dog after using it. I will carry on using this wonderful stuff.