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Advantage for Dogs

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Advantage for dogs is a monthly spot-on flea treatment for puppies and dogs. Its fast acting formula kills 98-100% fleas within 12 hours and long lasting effect prevents further flea infestation for a period of 4 weeks. It kills adult fleas found on the pet’s body and in the surrounding areas. Advantage is available for small, medium, large, and extra large dogs. This scientific formulation is an ideal flea treatment for dogs.

Advantage - How it works?

Advantage for dogs is an easy-to-apply topical flea treatment that kills adult flea and larvae for a month. Its main ingredient Imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide that starts killing fleas within an hour of application and eliminates them. It protects dogs against various flea-infested diseases and prevents Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD). It guards the treated dog against flea biting, thus saving your pet from fatal diseases. This waterproof treatment is 100% effective even in water.

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Works better

Works much better than Frontline.

Kathleen Jan 07, 2020

Flea free pup

I put it on my dog every month. It keeps him flea free.

Marina Dec 26, 2019

Great price

I got this product at cheaper prices compared to other online stores.

Ursula Dec 12, 2019

Outstanding product

Outstandingly effective monthly administered product .

Patrick Dec 10, 2019

seems to work well

Advantage has proved to be the best flea protection for my pup and it also protects her from flea for an entire month.

dan Nov 27, 2019


It is a very tough task to get the pills down my cat. This topical approach provides an easy solution that I and my cat appreciate

Carrie Nov 22, 2019

Product is good

So easy to use, very pleased with the product.

jennifer Nov 01, 2019

Eliminates fleas effectively

It actually eliminates maximum fleas within just few hours of application.

Danny Oct 23, 2019

Irreplaceable Advantage

Advantage works so well on my pet that I no longer want to replace this product with any other

Maverick Oct 01, 2019

Waterproof Treatment

No more restraining my pup from getting into the swimming pool right after applying Advantage as the major advantage of this product is that it is a waterproof treatment.

Rachael Sep 26, 2019

Great price, Great Product

I use the drops on my dogs every month. It works perfect, no fleas, eggs, etc. Great product for the price.

Gabriela Sep 16, 2019

Amazing Product

It is an amazing product because it is highly effective in eliminating fleas and ticks from my pooch

Diandra Sep 06, 2019

Works Great

One of my friends recommended this product for my pooch and it is highly effective in eliminating fleas from my dog.

Andrew Aug 28, 2019

Works Best

Thank fully I no more have to administer those pesky tablets to my dog as this topical solution is so easy to apply and does its work the best.

Daniel Jul 29, 2019

Works well since ages

Best flea killer on the market in my opinion. I have used it for 20 years and only one pet had a problem with it.

Paisley Jul 16, 2019

Amazing product

I used advantage after using another product that did not do a thing. The fleas were dead within hours and I have happy pups now. Thank you

Caroline Jun 30, 2019

Delighted to use

Absolutely delighted with this product. Highly effective product at affordable prices.

Tessa May 27, 2019

Great Product

I have been using this product for 6 months and I haven't seen any fleas on my pup

Paula May 08, 2019

Ideal flea solution

A proper product that worked really well for my dog. The ideal flea solution I believe.

Ebony Apr 14, 2019

Product is good

The product is good enough to remove fleas and ticks. I used it on my dog who had ticks and it managed to cure him quite well.

Shelby Feb 19, 2019

I trust only Advantage!

Whenever my pal gets the dreaded fleas, I use only Advantage because it does not only treat fleas but provides protection from re-infestation for months.

Lucas Feb 11, 2019

Competent treatment

It definitely has several advantages over other products. Would think on buying it again

Pepper Feb 05, 2019

Absolutely brilliant!

I find Advantage flea control works very well and is highly effective to treat fleas. The spot-on application is very easy to use and my dog doesn't mind it at all. I would recommend it to all dog owners.

Riley Apr 02, 2018

Take advantage with Advantage

The fast action formula is so well that has actually killed the fleas from my dogs within few hours. The best part of the product is it also remains effective even if I make my dog bath after the application of it.

Melanie Jan 21, 2018


After using for the first time most of the fleas disappeared, much better that using nothing at all. Have seen a couple of them though.

Johnie Mar 05, 2017

A great flea preventive product

I have been using Advantage on my dogs since last few years and there has been no presence of fleas on him. I strongly recommend this product to dog owners.

Sharon Dec 28, 2016

Worth the money

I have been using this product since last few months and the results have been amazing. My doggy has never had any allergic reaction after using this treatment. This is one of the most cost-effective treatments that is available in the market.

Elizabeth Nov 25, 2016

Worth the money

I have been using this product since last few months and the results have been amazing. My doggy has never had any allergic reaction after using this treatment. This is one of the most cost-effective treatments that is available in the market.

Elizabeth Nov 25, 2016

Get this stuff

I did not expect the product to work, but it has worked amazingly well. Within an hour fleas were falling out from my doggy's body. I will buy it again to prevent my dog from fleas.

Antoni Oct 05, 2016

Amazing and Cost-Effective Product

I am really happy to see Charlie relaxed and flea free. Previously, I was using other products which only wasted my money, as the fleas cycle was never broken. Advantage helped me a lot in eliminating the fleas from Charlie. I highly recommend this product to all dog owners.

Jeff Aug 11, 2016

Wow!! This product is great

My neighbor recommended me this product and I decided to try it on my furry pal. I was happy to see that with a single application all fleas were gone in 2 days without any side effects. This is the only product that really worked. The best thing is that it is not as expensive as other spot-on. I am satisfied with this as my pooch is free from fleas.

Edward Jul 27, 2016

Better than any other

Works better than any other product that I have tried. All fleas disappeared within a few days.I will use it again for my pooch as this is the only one product that really works on him.

Merlin May 20, 2016

high quality stuff

I tried a different brand, only because I moved to a new area and that was the brand the new veterinarian carried. I was doubtful. Rightfully so! It just didn't work the way I KNEW Advantage absolutely DID. One treatment with Advantage and NO MORE FLEAS!

Donna May 19, 2016

does wonders for my cats

even though I bought this for my sisters dog I use the cat advantage on my 37 cats, almost only if I can catch them.

Shailu May 19, 2016

great topical stuff

I use advantage all the time, tried other brands and always come back to the advantage

Sally May 19, 2016

Really worked very well!!

I used the advantage spot-on flea treatment on my dog. I was amazed to see that the product had started working within several hours. I could see that the fleas were dropping off my dog, barely be moving or dead. I will use it again as I can rely on this product to get rid of fleas.

Jacky May 17, 2016

Great product!!

A reasonably priced, high quality flea preventive that is very easy to apply on my furry pal....

Sherlock May 10, 2016

Worth every penny!!

My dog was flea free within 12 hours of administration. Impressed by the results!!

Rocky Apr 28, 2016

Best ever flea preventive product

I simply love this extremely effective spot-on treatment because now fleas do not disturb by furry pal. Highly recommended treatment for dogs prone to skin problems due to fleas!!

Sam Apr 21, 2016

For fleas perfect killer

No side effects on my pooch. Get at discount rates at bestvetcare. Just works best on fleas and I always rely on this.

wilson Apr 01, 2016

best price great product

It solves lot of parasitic problem. This has been the only medication I have been using on my dogs since long to control pests problem. works great.

Ella Mar 25, 2016