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Advantage Multi (Advocate) for Cats

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Advantage Multi (Advocate) for cats is a broad-spectrum treatment that protects felines against fleas, intestinal worms, heartworms, ear mites, lice and sarcoptic mange. It rapidly kills 100% adult fleas within a short period of 12 hours. It is a monthly spot-on treatment that prevents re-infestations by destroying flea life stages.

Advantage Multi - How it works?

Manufactured by Bayer, Advantage Multi (Advocate) is a topical monthly spot-on treatment for killing and controlling fleas, hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, ear mites and preventing heartworms. It attacks flea larvae found in the environment. Imidacloprid and Moxidectin, its active ingredients attack the nervous system of parasites, disrupt their neurotransmissions and eventually kill them.

Advocate starts killing parasites within an hour of application and remains effective for an entire month. 

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Available In Canada Too

I so wanted to shop for my pet from this site as my friend residing in US boosts a lot about it. Thankfully the site is now serving in Canada too. The product works well on my pet.

Beverly Oct 16, 2019

Happy Pet Owner

I like the fact that it takes care of multiple parasites infecting my pet.

Ribecca Oct 10, 2019

for my cats

I found a need for this because there were some abandoned kitties who started camping out inside our compound and my cat was contracting a large number of fleas from them.

Havrisko Sep 15, 2019

Great Results

I am highly satisfied with this product as it has shown great results on my pet.

Ryker Sep 13, 2019

Multi spectrum treatment

This is a multi-spectrum treatment that works on both internal as well as external parasites in my kitty.

Brielle Sep 03, 2019

Best product

Will give full five stars

Krysiak Aug 26, 2019

Amazing product

This product has the benefits for ear mites and has made it very simple, in 1 dose for the month, to take care of both the fleas and ear mites. My cats are comfortable and I am happy saving money.

Kennedy Aug 13, 2019

Highly recommended

We just adopted our cat and use this product because we already use it for our dog. Advantage Multi is great and so easy to use. We recommend it to all our friends and associates

Blush Jul 22, 2019

Works really well

Great product and easy to apply and well worth the money spent to keep my cat healthy

Rihanna Jul 08, 2019

Aptly Named

This product covers all the bases ticks fleas worms etc. without irritating the cats skin and they do not mind having it applied

Lily Jun 25, 2019

One treatment for multiple parasites

This product offers pet owners much more than the other brands. Advantage multi protects pets against parasites, mosquitos, fleas, ticks and has a heartworm preventative

Cookie Jun 11, 2019

Easy to administer

Thank god my cats do not have to go through the pain of gulping those tablets. This topical treatment is very easy to administer.

Calvin May 21, 2019


It is a long time helping hand for me, makes me feel relaxed. The quick action parasiticide is a trick.

Pearl May 03, 2019

Stuff that works

Quick, efficient and less expensive. This stuff really works

Bobby Apr 29, 2019

Amazing Product

Love this all-in-one treatment for my kitty

Afi Apr 24, 2019

Treats ear mites

Nice product that treated ear mites really well in my Doberman.

Myra Apr 12, 2019

Kills whipworms effectively

My pal was infected with whipworms. I opted for this product and within weeks, my kitty was cured of whipworms. Great product!

Carolina Feb 17, 2019

Destroys ticks

A wonderful product that effectively destroys all existing ticks. I would certainly recommend this product.

Clara Feb 10, 2019


amazing product because it has secured my cat from the infestations of worms and fleas. From the day I have started using it till today My cat didn't show any signs of parasitic infestations

Max Jan 31, 2019

The Real Deal!

Advantage Multi has always helped my cat get rid of fleas. She is an indoor cat but every once in a while she gets flea infestation. Thanks to Advantage Multi that it always makes my cat healthy.

Michelle Mar 08, 2018

complete solution

I was taken aback by the result of this product. It has killed almost all the fleas from my cat within few hours of application. Scratching of skin due to flea bite has reduced to 90%.

Mary Jan 23, 2018

Very good product

This product is both easy to use and a very effective flea control method. And you have the bonus of help in controlling hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, heartworms and ear mites.

Connie Aug 04, 2017


This product, Advocate for preventing fleas and worms from attacking my cats, always works very effectively. It is easy to apply, especially if you start treatment when your kitty Kats are just fun little fur balls. My two cats, Merlin and sister Pixie have never had fleas or worms, so what else can I say? Advocate rules!

Ashley Mar 05, 2017

Great Product!

This product does exactly what it says it does. It's convenient once a month dosing, easy to administer, and dries quickly. I've been using it for years on my cats as well as the cats I foster and we have never had any problems with the product. I highly recommend it!

Laura Feb 06, 2017

A highly effective product!!!

I love the fact that with a single treatment my kitty is free from fleas, ticks, worms and ear mites. Extremely happy with the product!!!

Hazel Jan 10, 2017

A great product for my furry pal!!

I love Advantage Multi (Advocate). I have been using this treatment on my kitties since last few years and the results have been amazing. Now my furry companions are free from fleas, ticks and heartworms. Highly recommended!!!

Michelle Dec 16, 2016

Good Discount On All Branded Preventativ

This is an amazing product, which eliminated all the fleas from my kitty. Thanks to VetSupply for awesome discount on the products and for great customer care services.

Vance Sep 30, 2016

First treatment worked wonders

This product kills and treats all sorts of pests and worms. This is a great money saver and I will continue with this product for my cat.

Marcus Sep 01, 2016

Single treatment every month

This product kills fleas and protects my cat from intestinal worms and heartworms. I personally like this product as I have to give a single treatment instead of many. This product has given me successful results and my kitty is also healthy and happy.

Arthur Jun 23, 2016

Effective and Gentle

This product is good for all in one, against fleas and worms. I am using this from 2 years and don't have any problem with it so far.

Mary Jun 02, 2016

A perfect solution I got

Just a good product that not only treats fleas but also other parasites. One product for multiple parasites. Simple to use.

Sebastino Mar 25, 2016