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Read All Reviews : Avivet for Bird Supplies

Description :

Avivet - a product from MedPet is an excellent treatment for pigeons, pet birds and raptors suffering from life-threatening infections and diseases. Powered up with multi-vitamins, this formula aids in speeding up the recovery process in pigeons and birds. This broad-spectrum powder treats and prevents bacterial infections, respiratory tract diseases and intestinal bacterial infections. Suitable to all types of birds, Avivet has no potential side effects.


For a wide range of bacterial infections and other respiratory diseases in racing pigeons and birds, Avivet is a perfect solution. This oral treatment is effective in preventing and curing highly life threatening diseases such as Salmonellosis (Paratyphoid) and E-Coli. Its unique formula treats and protects pet birds and pigeons from severe infections. It supports birds in recovering faster and helps to regain strength due its vitamin rich formula. Avivet is also useful in treating diarrhoea and gastro intestinal infections.

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Loved the effectiveness of the product!!

A genuine product sold by a reputed pet care supplies store - Best Vet Care!!