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Bay-O-Pet Kiltix Collar for Dogs

Rate: 4.6/5
Bay-O-Pet Kiltix Collar for Dogs

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Bay-O-Pet Kiltix Collar for Dogs

Rate: 4.6/5

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Buy Bayopet Tick and Flea Collar for Dogs

Bay-O-Pet Kiltix collar for dogs is an easy to administer treatment for brown ticks, bush ticks, paralysis ticks, and fleas. The pet should wear this high quality resin made collar continuously. Flumethrin, the active ingredient kills and repels external parasites found on the pet’s body and surroundings. This long-lasting solution provides adequate protection from fleas and ticks and saves dogs from fatal diseases. The collar prevents ticks from sticking to the pet’s body by creating ‘hot food’ effect. Although it is made up of water repellant material, it still needs to keep its effectiveness intact. Hence for that, it is advisable to remove the collar before bathing or swimming the pet.

Kiltix Collar - How it works?

Manufactured by Bayer, Bay-O-Pet Kiltix is a specially designed collar for dogs and is used for killing, controlling, and preventing fleas and ticks. It kills and prevents paralysis ticks for 6 weeks. A very effective tick control solution, it kills brown ticks, bush ticks, and fleas for 5 months. It is 66 cms long and weighs just 45gms, making it easy to wear.

Flumethrin and Propoxur
Instructions To Use Bay-O-Pet Kiltix Collar
  • Buckle the collar on the pet’s neck while keeping 2 to 3 finger space between the neck and the collar.
  • Make sure that it is comfortable for the pet.
  • Trim off the remaining part and dispose it. 
Advantages Of Bay-O-Pet Kiltix Collar
  • Easy and long-lasting treatment for flea and tick control
  • Kills and repels fleas and ticks from sticking on the pet’s body
  • Affordable and maintainable flea and tick treatment
  • Made up of water repellent material
Bay-O-Pet Kiltix Collar Safety Measures
  • Do NOT use on puppies less than 3 months of age.
  • Do NOT allow the pet to chew the collar.
  • Do NOT use it on cats and kittens.
  • It is not recommended for use in sick or convalescing dogs.
  • Using other anticholinesterase pesticide along with Kiltix collar is NOT allowed. 
Customer Reviews
kiltix collar

bayopet is good for my three dogs

Mess free collar

Mess free collar that does not get my pooch into the pain of gulping in pills or applying topical treatments to get rid of fleas and ticks.

Effecient Treatment

This collar not only kills but controls ticks as well.