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Dermavet for Dogs

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Dermavet Dogs

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Dermavet for Dogs

Dogs usually get injuries more often due to accident with sharp object or encounter with other dogs. Promptly addressing these minor wounds before infection sets in is crucial for you as a pet owner to keep your dog in good condition. DermaVet cream is an excellent wound-healing cream specially formulated for dogs. Widely used for slow healing wounds and septic abrasions, this antibacterial cream enables faster, cleaner and more effective healing process.

DermaVet Cream for Dogs:

DermaVet cream is a topical treatment for a wide range of bacterial infections related to skin and ear. This popular product effectively works on different dermatological conditions in dogs such as acute and chronic ear infections, lesions, cuts, inflamed skin and bacterial infection.

The antiseptic agent stimulates faster infection healing, while the steroid ingredient eases itching, which actively discourages pets from licking or scraping the wounded area.

This aqueous cream provides faster relief from conditions like eczematous and seborrheic dermatitis along with interdigital cysts and anal gland infections.  

Direction for use
  • Application of DermaVet cream depends on the severity of wound. For mild inflammation, apply the cream once a week and for acute condition use it twice or thrice a day or consult your vet for the same.
  • Before applying the cream, remove encrusted discharge or pus and spread a thin layer of cream sparsely.


  • For all types of dermatological problems, apply DermaVet in a thin layer after cleaning the affected area.
  • Use DermaVet cream two to three times every day for severe skin conditions. Decrease the frequency of application as the wound recovers.
  • For dog’s ear infection, first clean the ear and apply the cream in a thin layer.
  • For cystic areas and anal gland infections, drain gland and cyst properly and then fill the wound fully with DermVet cream.
Key Benefits
  • An antiflammatory, antipruritic, antifungal and antibacterial all-in-one cream, DermaVet provides fast relief from all major dermatological disorders
  • DermaVet is highly beneficial for topical septic wounds, and topical superficial wounds as well as slow healing wounds
  • This topical solution acts effectively on most of the bacterial infections. It is highly useful in treating dry and moist dermatitis and eczema and parasitic infestation
  • DermaVet provides fast and long-lasting symptom relief, while ensuring rapid recovery from dermatological conditions
  • Having a track record of 40-years veterinary use, DermaVet is hugely popular for dog wound treatment
  • Keep the product away from children and pets.
  • Store it in a cool place avoiding excessive heat.
  • DermaVet cream is indicated for external use only.
  • Wear rubber gloves when applying the cream on pet.

Each gram of DermaVet cream contains:

Shorea robusta, Azadirachta indica, Pongamia pinnata, Cassia tora, Ficus infectoria, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Celastrus paniculatus, Jasad bhasma, Methyl Paraben and Propyl Paraben.

Cipla Vet
Best of All!

This is the most effective ointment for the treatment of otitis my dog Shepherd! Before I used Panalog. But in the Derma-Vet Ointment of the same composition. And Panalog not produce now. Thanks 

Roasterk Feb 27, 2017
Best skin care

very happy with this onitment as using it on my dog. He has numerous skin issues and it works perfectly.

Tracey Mar 25, 2016
Highly effective!

I really love this product! I used this product for a wound that was not healing because it was getting rubbed when my dog lay down on his bed. What had taken over 2 weeks to get worse looked better in just one week. Effective product!

Griffin Mar 23, 2018

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