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Granofen Granules for Dogs Reviews

Rating 4/5 based on 22 Reviews

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Granofen Wormer granules is a broad spectrum wormer for the treatment gastrointestinal worms in dogs. This potent formula helps to kill and eliminate all the various types of roundworms, lungworms, and breeds of tapeworms. It also helps in controlling and preventing future infestations from harming your dog. Moreover, this ready to use product is easy to administer and is highly effective and safe to use on your pet.

Granofen Granules - How it works?

Granofen worming granules contains an active ingredient called Fenbendazole. This ingredient helps in killing gastrointestinal worms in puppies and dogs. Apart from that, it helps in preventing infesations by protecting your dog from re-infestations. Granofen granules is a top wormer for dogs.

Note: Granofen Wormer granules can be administered to cats as well.

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working great

I am using granofen since long and its working great. just little anxious to know whether i can use flea treatment along with this treatment.

Bella Sep 13, 2019

Great treatment

This is the only medication you gonna buy. Great in removing all types of worms. Makes you pet feel good once again.

Fincher Jul 22, 2019

Fantastic results!

I have to give these to my dogs by mixing it scrambled eggs as they won't eat it otherwise and so far I have had no problems and neither have they. I find it’s a good price with extraordinary results and Best Vet Care is a trusted supplier so I happily recommend this product.

Janet Apr 11, 2018


I am not sure if it is helping my dog yet, but she does seem to have a little bit more energy than she used to. She doesn't mind the taste so I will continue giving it to her.

Jaliva Mar 05, 2017

My furry pal likes them....

I have been trying to give worming tablets to my doggy since a pretty long time but with absolutely zero results. But with these granules I have got a treatment that is tasty and loves by my doggy. Thank you so much!!!

Marshall Jan 08, 2017