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Read All Reviews : Ilium Oticlean for Dogs & Cats

Ilium Oticlean
Description :

Ilium Oticlean

Ilium Oticlean is one of the best treatments for Otitis externa, wounds and abrasions when the hearing is impaired by the presence of necrotic tissue and removal of debris or wax in dogs and cats' ears. This ear cleaning drop aids in healing the ear canals of the pet by smoothly removing the accumulated wax. It restricts the growth of bacteria in the treated area, thereby cleaning and promoting healthy tissue regeneration. It can be used as a regular ear cleaner or in conjunction with ear drops to assist in the treatment of ear infections. It can even be helpful in cleaning superficial wounds and abrasions.

Ilium Oticlean Ear Cleansing Solution

Ilium Oticlean is an easy to apply aural cleaner for dogs and cats. It keeps the ears dry, thereby ensuring that the pet's ears are safe from excessive moisture from the treated pet's ears thereby ensuring healthy ears of dogs and cats.

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I have used this ear cleaning solution and with just 2 daily application, it is working very well to keep my lab's ears clean.

Excellent cleaner for ear and wound

Works excellent! Gets all the nasties out of the ears! I even used it to clean my dog’s wounds.