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K9 Advantix for Dogs

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K9 Advantix is a topical monthly spot-on treatment that protects dogs against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, sand flies, stable flies, chewing lice, and biting insects. It prevents external parasites by paralyzing, debilitating, killing, and repelling them. This single treatment is used for controlling and killing multiple parasites. It protects dogs from diseases caused by these parasites. 98.5% ticks die within two hours of application of K9 Advantix. It is safe to use this product on dogs over 7 weeks old.

K9 Advantix - How it works?

Imidacloprid and Permethrin are the active ingredients in K9 Advantix. Their synergy results in the effective killing of the fleas and ticks. In addition, it also has repelling action called the ‘ hot foot’ activity on ticks that stops them from sticking on the treated dog’s body. Permethrin attacks parasite’s nervous system and blocks sodium channels responsible for nerve impulses. This leads to hyper-excitation, paralysis, and death. Ticks die due to the insecticidal action, but remain attached to the pet’s body. 

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free doses

received free doses along with the pack, which many never seem to fulfill. best store to trust

Jacob Feb 09, 2020

Will definitely buy from them again!!!!

works well! Will definitely buy from them again!!!!

zakea Jan 02, 2020


Best treatment , working good since four years, will further continue

Jaime Nov 28, 2019

got discount

got 12% off on my order, happy to save extra

LaTavia Oct 14, 2019

bestvetcare excellent price

Used this product for years best on the market and bestvetcare excellent price

Storten Aug 29, 2019

Cheap prices

Free offers always entices me. Moreover they have cheap prices and i m awed with their prices.

Kristina Jul 09, 2019

Mark Joll

A great product that has kept my fur-kid free of ticks, fleas and more throughout spring and summer, even though she loves to run through the bushes and high grasses. Actually, its effectiveness kind of blows my mind, as I am always searching her for fleas, ticks, etc., yet she's been totally clean of them for months. Totally worth the price.

Mark Aug 12, 2018

Recommendable product!

I've had my dog on K9 Advantix for several years now and have never seen a flea on him. He runs around outside in my garden every day and still remains flea free. So, I'm pretty impressed with it. Great product!

Blake Mar 18, 2018


Excellent product and a great price. Advantix is fast acting and effective. I found it has to be applied at least every 3 weeks though, but it is significantly better than Frontline & Frontline Plus.

Donald Feb 19, 2017

Faster method to eliminate ticks

This is really faster method to eliminate ticks. I have started using this product sometime back a few months ago and now I don't have to tackle with constant tick infestation. Happy that my lab and spaniel don't scratch anymore. Thanks best vet care team for advising me to use this product.

Serena Feb 07, 2017

Waiting for result

Last month I got this product and was not sure whether it will work on my two labs or not. But, fortunately, they were at ease with this solution and the number of fleas reduced. Though, I find some fleas on them but hope that giving treatment this month will surely remove all fleas. Let's see, till now its working fine.

Benicio Jan 08, 2017

Good for my doggie

Lulu is quite sensitive and anything on her body greatly irritates her. But, trying advantix I was much relaxed as she got less irritated and scratched less. Slowly the product was going along with her body and no more mosquito or flea bites also. Thanks Mike to recommend this product. Good for Lulu.

Jake Dec 01, 2016

Did the trick

I tried lots of cheaper products but never worked. This product surprised me by doing what it claimed and worked on my furry pal without any side effects.

Valarie Oct 13, 2016


I am using this product since my dog was a pup. I have never seen a flea on him. I trust this product to protect my Charlie from all kind of pests.

Fred Aug 26, 2016

Definitely works!!!

I have used this product on my furry pal, it is working great. I will not use any other brand, as it easy to use and I have not seen a single flea on him till now. I recommend it to all the dog owners as this works amazingly well and can buy it from Best vet care for cheaper price.

Dara Aug 01, 2016

Best Treatment

Every summer season my dog suffers from fleas. My vet suggested me Advantix. I tried it on my doggy and it worked perfectly well. I am glad that a single treatment will protect him from flea infestation for a whole month.

Ben Jul 14, 2016

Best and effective product

This is a very good product recommended by my vet. It works well and kill fleas very quickly. I have used this product many times on my furry pal. It is very effective, not messy and no side effects on my pooch. I would recommend this product, if you are frustrated with other brands.

Keith Jul 14, 2016

Never saw a flea after application!!

I have been using this product since my doggie was a puppy and I have never seen fleas on my pooch....Not even any side effects of the treatment.

Adam May 11, 2016

A great product

"A great product My mini schnauzer was in high discomfort due to the presence of ticks. I applied this ingenious treatment and ticks were dead instantly. Very happy with the results!!

Russell Apr 27, 2016

An amazing tick treatment!!

The product is amazing!! I have used other flea and tick treatments, but none can be compared to this product. Highly recommended!!

Liam Apr 26, 2016

Even works on paralysis ticks!!

My doggie picked up two paralysis ticks during the dog park visit. Got this product from the online store and all the ticks were killed. A very inexpensive medium to buy pet care supplies!!

Joseph Apr 23, 2016

best product

great product at the best price. No other products has the effectiveness as this has.

Jana Mar 25, 2016