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Read All Reviews : MalAcetic Conditioner for Cats

MalAcetic Conditioner
Description :

MalAcetic Conditioner For Dogs and Cats

MalAcetic Conditioner is formulated for dogs and cats. This conditioner is a leave-on that works to combat bacterial or fungal skin conditions. It does not contain alcohol or PEG (polythylene glycol) which may irritate or damage the skin. MalAcetic conditioner has healing, soothing effect and leaves your pet's hair clean, soft and lustrous. This can be used after bathing or between baths.

How it works?

MalAcetic Conditioner features the same active ingredients as MalAcetic Shampoo but also includes linoleic acid from safflower for a glossy coat. Ingredients in this are antimicrobial and aids in moisturizing, repairing and restoring your pet's skin.

Average Rating
Based on 4 ratings

Top Reviews

Great hair sheen

would recommend this conditioner for silky and shiny hair of your pooch. Ordered second one and happy to get discounts.