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Medistatin 100gm

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Manufactured by MedPet, Medistatin powder is an effective treatment for Candida and digestive tract fungal infections in pigeons, avians, chicks and cage birds. One of its kinds of product, the powder is the only NYSTATIN powder formulated for pigeons and birds. The easy to administer powder is a strong preventive for Candida.

It is hand fed to baby birds for preventing and curing yeast infections. Made up of simvastatin and atorvastatin calcium, the powder ensures quick recovery from various kinds of fungal and yeast infections in birds.

Direction for use

Pigeons - Mix 5 g of Medistatin with 1 kg grain for 5 to 7 days. Grease the grains with light oil so that medistatin can easily stick to the grain.

Avian - Mix 5 g of Medistatin with 500 g of soft food for 5 to 7 days. Before mixing the grain and medistatin, grease the soft food and seeds with light yellow oil so that medistatin sticks to it properly.

Hand reared chicks - For prevention of infections, mix 1 g powder with 200 g of soft food and administer daily until the symptoms subside.

Mix 1 g per 20 ml of water and dissolve it well. Give 1 ml of this solution per 100g bodyweight for two times a day.

Consult a veterinarian for further guidance.


The powder has wide margin of safety for pigeons, cage birds and chicks. 

Prevents fungal infections

I don't know about pigeons but for my cage birds, I usually give this product. And specially during flying season I give it in advance to prevent fungal infections.

Not too costly

I usually hand fed my baby birds with medistatin as this is the perfect option for them. It prevents all types of infection in growing babies. My avian vet also recommended the same. And, at bestvetcare it's not too costly also.


The drug is highly recommended. It has no ill-effects and works swiftly on your pet. Just loved it Thankyou for the beautiful service recieved from your site.