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Read All Reviews : Otosol for Dogs & Cats

Description :

Otosol is one of the most popular ear drops for dogs and cats. It is useful in treating infected ears thereby eliminating the ear wax stored in the pet's ears. It assists in getting rid of unnecessary wax, debris along with unhealthy tissues from ears. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties present in the drops, it assists in preventing otitis externa in their ears. With regular usage of these ear drops, it is possible to get rid of many ear diseases in pets.


This ear drop is made up of disinfectants, flavonoids, and softeners that assist in liquefying scrap, way too much of wax and cast off skin from the pet's ears. Due to the special formulation of these ear drops, pets do not get infected by bacteria and parasitic inflammations of outer ears. It also assists in keeping the pet's ears dry and hygienic.

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Very happy with the final products!! Incredible shopping goal to secure pet care supplies with superlative administration!!

Always trust on Otosol

For any kind of ear problem in my dogs, I prefer otosol at the most. Nothing works best for ears than otosol. Sometimes, i also use it on my cat too. And with bestvetcare, I get it at the best prices.


This product is easy to use and has worked wonderfully on my pooch.

No irritation

Too much wax is accumulated in Ruby's ears and it is really irritating. So, I use otosol to remove that wax. It also smells nice and prevents any infection. WIth otosol it would be easy to remove dirt, if you are facing the same issue like me. Get this product from bestvetcare as they sell it at low prices.

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