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Read All Reviews : Pet Dent Finger Brush for Dogs & Cats

Pet Dent Finger Brush
Description :

Pet Dent Finger Brush has been specifically developed to meet the oral needs of dogs and cats. It is made up of good material with soft bristles and plastic that easily fits in your fingers. It aids in cleaning the teeth and gum line of dogs and cats. It is very easy to use and prevents several dental diseases in pets, including: bad breath, gingivitis and infected teeth.

This finger brush is suitable for puppies, kittens, adult and senior dogs and cats.


Pet Dent Finger Brush has been developed using quality material. Since it has soft bristles it is very easy to brush the teeth of dogs and cats. Regular use of the brush ensures that there is no plaque or tartar buildup in the pet. Thus, it ensures total oral hygiene of the pet.

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Top Reviews

Easy to clean teeth

Pet dent finger brush actually seems to be doing the job for my cats teeth

Fussy cat

It would be quite difficult to start brushing regime on my fussy cat. But this fingerbrush has given me good chance to brush her teeth.

Pet Dent Finger Brush

Excellent Product