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Pro-Kolin Plus for Supplements

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Pro-Kolin Plus is a specially designed probiotic formula for dogs and cats’ digestive health. Pro-Kolin helps to fight against stomach disturbances and eases smooth passage of stool. The oral paste acts immediately to provide relief for your pet’s digestive upset. Regular treatment helps to improve faecal consistency. The palatable paste comes in a syringe form and is easy to dose.

Pro-Kolin Plus - How it works?

Pro-Kolin Plus contains both probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics help restore microbial balance in the body. Prebiotics help to feed and stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria. The oral digestive paste also contains kaolin and pectin. Kaolin is a natural binding agent that helps to firm up the faeces, whilst pectin helps soothe the gut lining.

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Plus effective

Give instant relief from stomach distubrnaces

Brittany May 27, 2020


Quality product and seems it does not have any negative reactions on our Rog.

Omahony Apr 05, 2020

eases digestion

quite helpful for our pets with digestive upset condition.

Smith Mar 01, 2020

works the best

Tried other products & noticed no results. But this works the best

Ivan Jan 22, 2020

Good product

Good product

Gilvey Dec 10, 2019